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When new update?

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2 hours ago, aBreadguy said:

So uh when??? 

There is literally this on the same subforum:


And then there is the Discord ofcourse:


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Yeah, I definitely recommend using development snapshots. A lot of good changes have been made since last official version. A lot of better graphics, new replacements for Lost Soul and Pain Elemental (now called Hatchling and Matribite and implied to be the same species as Caco replacement Trilobite), even I myself contributed some stuff (new yellow light column, and armor shard sprite that is shaped like a shield or armor scale). Some bad maps were replaced, especially in Phase 1, a lot of other tweaks - it's a way better game overall.

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On 1/21/2023 at 8:23 PM, Shino1 said:

and armor shard sprite that is shaped like a shield or armor scale

Oh, it's your contribution! Very nice, I like it a lot more than all of the previous takes on the armour bonus. (I do feel somewhat nostalgic about the old, pre-raymoohawk bonus graphics, but they belong to a different era)

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