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The Real End of it All

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I am sitting here quietly, typing up a report for the First Officer, when it happens. The demons invade. At first, I don't notice anything. Here on the Deimos base, nothing like has ever happened. Unfortuneatly, no-one's ever had to deal with evil creatures from Hell around here before. So, I just grab my Shotgun. Then I hear the real sounds of death-shotguns, chainguns firing, bones cracking.It seems as though the demons have won. But not yet. I hear soldiers shouting in the halls. The door to my bunk is kicked open, and a Marine hollers at me to "get your arse in gear! Let's kill these things!"
I and the rest of the outfit split up into 4 different groups. I help occupy the Refinery. Unbeknownst to me, however, is that the demons have already taken over this part of the base. I am ordered to secure the perimeter of the Refinery so that no Hellions can break into here. But like I said, I had no idea about what attack me.
Pretty soon, my helmet radio picks up sounds of firing, shouting, snapping of bones, and total silence. Total. I head into the main entrance of the Refinery, but before I can do anything, I am struck down by a huge pink demon, who gnashes into my chest, exploding my heart and killing me instantly......

Pretty soon the rest of the base falls to the demons. The rest of the Marine groups are all killed mercilessly. Then Deimos vanishes from the sky mysteriously.......

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