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Need Help w/ Custom Texture Issue - PrBOOM+


Greetings all,

I'm currently working on my custom DOOM WAD in Ultimate DOOM Builder, and all has been going well so far. However, now when I try to run the map, PrBOOM+ gives the following error message: R_InitTextures: 4 errors. This does not happen with GZDOOM.

My first thought was that I accidentally left a few of the textures out of the TEXTUREx table in SLADE, but it looks like that isn't the case. The error message itself isn't too helpful; is there any way to determine which lumps exactly are causing the issue, here?

Screenshot 2022-08-17 154511.jpg

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Found the culprit; there were a few textures I had removed from the WAD that were still listed in the TEXTUREx catalog.

For future mappers' note: when removing textures, double-check the TEXTUREx lump to make sure you have removed those textures from the list, in-case you get this kind of error with PrBOOM+.

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The real real culprit is probably invalid patches, as described in PNAMES.

To properly clean up textures, first delete them from TEXTUREx lump, then use Maintenance to remove unused patched.

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