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UAC Experiment - An old map in my folders who took the dust

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Hello guys, today I decided to clean up my WAD folders and I found a lot of abandoned map and map set I was working on. This one may be the first of a series of releases, maybe, I don't know...

So, "UAC Experiment" is one of those abandoned map set I had in mind, but this one is particularly old...

I didn't changed the level design and texturing at all, but I readjusted the gameplay part because it was really f*cked up haha !

It's a really short and slaughter-like map which is - I believe - isn't that difficult.

The map quality, though, should be a bit mediocre, but I guess it's not that bad If I decided to upload it to you peoples.




Info :


Expect 4 or 10 minutes of gameplay.

Doom II game needed

Doom II map format

Tested with GZdoom, but every source port should be all right

no crouch no jump, freelook at your own choice

UV only

This map contain only MAP01 replacement with a music that I actually added at the last minute (credit : Ivan Stanton - Mouth for Secrets)


A screen :






Download link :


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Doom II _"UAC_Experiments.wad" - MAP01 [UAC Experiment by Briøche] _ UVMax 100% Speedrun Smooth Mod Pistol Start.



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I completed UAC Experiment UAC_Experiments.wad with LZDoom, well designed map, 80/100. The map was overall well balanced with item distribution, and amount of enemies. The only complaint I have about the map was not enough height variation. The map is flat, and there are no stair cases or enemies that will appear above the player. This map is a short, and well designed map that will catch the player by surprise. This map is a slaughter map, but will not send several enemies at the player at the same time. If this map is considered a slaughter map, then my maps would be considered slaughter maps. My recommendations, add more gameplay variety. Have the player search for keys instead of placing keys out in the open. Change the map layout to be a maze instead of a box shape.

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