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BehemotHUD - Ultrawide HUD for ZDoom based ports

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The BehemotHUD project aims to provide an ultrawide HUD for (at this moment) Doom and Heretic. The HUD for Doom is inspired by the Unity Doom HUD.

You have the permission to include and/or modify the HUD for your mod, make sure to credit me, but also its original creators (id Software, Nerve Software, Zenimax Media, Raven Software).


Credits go to id Software, Nerve Software, Zenimax Media and Raven Software.



Edited by VL2M STUDIO

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36 minutes ago, VL2M STUDIO said:



i need a microscope to see that scale of status bar


joke aside,

guess it's useful for those who has ultra widescreen moniter

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Just now, fai1025 said:

i need a microscope to see that scale of status bar

This is just proof that the HUD is a behemoth, hence the name.

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