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Map editing lovers!!! Help me with this project? (QCDE)

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For some time I had an idea going around in my head and I finally decided.

QCDE is one of the best mods that have been created but it is evident that for coop mode there are no maps that exploit the abilities of most champions.


For example: There are no high-rise places for only Corvus to access. There are no gates that only Ranger using his orb can enter. Or floors high enough for Major to scale. separate platforms so Doom Slayer using his double jump can reach them. Or acid rooms where only Zedek and Freeman can fight more safely than the others. And so I could go on with more but I'll just stop here.


I really like the cooperative and play with friends and family, and even though the doom and other wads maps are not made for this mod, it turns out to be very entertaining. But if there were special maps for the champions, then the cooperative game would be much more fun.


My specialty is not so much building maps but creating waves of enemies that when a certain number of them are eliminated, a new room can be opened for the next battle. Very similar to what Painkiller was.


So, the idea of this project is that those who want to participate in this project make their maps with a certain number of rooms, which are made to maintain a battle of a few minutes and an access to the next room with a door or wall that goes down or upload according to the taste of the mapper.


My job will be to create the waves of monsters in a flashy and increased way as they advance in the arena and order them by level. Obviously the credits of those who have their maps in this future project will be mentioned in the game itself.


It would be perfect if they limited themselves to using the textures that the Pack of maps that brings the same QCDE and another Egyptian that I have found that I will put here. If you like, you can use the textures you want, but I just hope that this is not too much of a problem when loading the finished project and we are not waiting an hour to start the game.






I'll be clear, I don't expect you to make this kind of detailed maps, although if it's what you want it's fine.



Once your maps are finished, you can send me the links internally and if you wish, you can share the progress of these in this same post.


Well, I thank you in advance and I hope this can come out and be a great contribution to entertainment in the world of doom. Depending on how the support and interest of the community is, we could postpone this project, for now I think a prudent waiting time could be 6 months to 1 year.


Thank you!

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I'd really definitely read this. Also I'd probably credit elend for the picture you used.

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