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You miserable people....

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apparently i can rarely see people posting screenshots of their work, and even though some people have a link provided that leads to the screenshot page, they would just simply post the link to the page only instead of directly posting images, well probably it is because people cannot find a proper host that allows you to direct images in messageboard, crap such as geosisi, unfortunecity, devilfire...etc, well now here's a free image uploader I'm suggesting, go to http://vi2.com , it's one of the best image uploaders i've known, enjoy

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That's pretty cool. I'll have to check it out.

Oh, BTW, you can get around geoshities little restriction by renaming your *.gif to *.txt. It does work. :)

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Cyb said:

Wrong forum!

[EDIT] Okay now it's right [/EDIT]

actually it was originally created for doom mapping people, there is nothing wrong with posting it in wads & mods section, weird

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