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Question regarding recording demos of 1994 WADs

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Is it valid to use The Ultimate Doom PWAD to record demos of WADs that were made before that version came out?


I was recently playing Serenity, a 1994 episode 3 replacement for the original Doom. In E3M8, you're given two choices to end the level. An easy way where you have to confront an Spider Mastermind and a bunch of other demons roaming free in a large area and a hard way where you should fight caged Barons, Cacodemons and a Cyberdemon in a tight space. In pre-Ultimate Doom IWADs like v1.2, v1.666 and v1.9 killing any boss enemy ends the level and the makers of this WAD are using this action to force the player to make a choice and you can tell it's intentional because they've placed a Baron outside the map so that killing all Barons wouldn't end the level. With the unreachable Baron 100% kills was already impossible but if you're using any of those older versions, you have the let the Cyberdemon live too. But then I saw that there is a UV max demo of this on DSDA with 99% kills and the text file only mentions the Baron thus it's safe to assume that they're using the Ultimate version. So what are the rules regarding such a situation?

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Now that I think about it, it kind of makes sense since none of those other versions are legally sold anywhere nowadays. Thank you!

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