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Euroboros Community Sessions - Week #12

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Euroboros Community Sessions - Week #12: Ghouls vs. Humans: Legacy of Darkness


Greetings! Once again, a disclaimer: This week's Euroboros Community Session will commence a lot earlier, and by "a lot", I mean already tomorrow!


For the session this week we are hosting a Team Last Man Standing session in CutManMike's Ghouls vs. Humans, and more specifically in its latest addon form, called Legacy of Darkness, developed by BlueWizard and Ivan in 2013!


The session will commence tomorrow on Wednesday, August 24th 2022, at 8PM CET / 2PM EST!




Ghouls vs. Humans is a Team Deathmatch / Team Last Man Standing mod originally for Skulltag and later for Zandronum, in which a team of human players must survive against a team of spooky and deadly ghouls with different abilities! The humans have different weapons at their disposal to defeat the ghouls, and while the ghouls' abilities are strong and very special, they only have limited range.


The Legacy of Darkness addon makes GvH with all its expansions more balanced and more compatible for Zandronum, as well as adds new human and ghoul playerclasses!




Join the Euroboros Discord server to participate in this week's Euroboros Community Session, AND if you want to leave YOUR suggestion for a future session!

Register now at Euroboros.net to host your own FREE European Doom multiplayer servers on Zandronum!

See you on the session this weekend!

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