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Walking Dead is like Pokemon

Who is getting more Progress in its Journey?  

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  1. 1. Who is getting more Progress in its Journey?

    • Pokemon
    • Walking Dead

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So, my Wife was watching the newest Session of Walking Dead and since i watched about 8 Session with her,
i've noticed that even now they are talking about the exact same Stuff as in those Sessions i have seen.
As the Title says, this Series has the exact Progress Formula as Pokemon has.


- The Main Protagonists seemingly gain some XP and Achivements, but

- Every Session happens something to reset everything to nearly Zero

- Every Session the Main Cast gets new temporary Companions

- Every Session has a new Enemy, be it Team Rocket, Team Plasma, Team the Whisperers (or how they are called in Walkin Dead)

- Every enemy Team has a extravagant Motto



So, what do you think:
Who is getting more Progress in its Journey?

Ash or the Cast of Walking Dead?

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The characters in The Walking Dead are so dumb and physically vulnerable it's like every character is Ashton Ketchup and he keeps getting clubbed to death by a baby Snorkolax every ten minutes. At least in Pokemon you can sell the monsters to get money for a new gun. The characters in The Walking Dead have the entire country's arsenal at their disposal and they end up using it all to kill each other over stolen hamburgers! I'd rather watch season 9 of Game of Thrones.



Never played Pokemon and watched TWD all the way until season 2.


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On 8/27/2022 at 12:46 AM, Azuris said:

Both Ash and the Walking Dead cast are on epic journeys, but it seems Ash may edge out with consistent progress, while the Walking Dead cast faces resets and new challenges each episode.


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Posted (edited)

I'm sure Dorkly or whoever has made a parody cartoon about this already. I can think of all the possible jokes in a few seconds


"Woah, the Pokemon Trainer has a GUN and is SHOOTING teh ZOMBIE Pokemonz!?!?! So RANDOMZ LOLZ XDDD"

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I mean, I'm older so I miss shows getting reset to the same baseline and being viewable in any order. Kirk and Spock save the galaxy, Samurai Jack almost gets home but then he doesn't.


I do enjoy a nice epic serial sometimes, but the same old "What's in the mystery box?" makes me roll my eyes.

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