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vanilla teleport trap: prevent telefragging of monsters?


Hi all, I am making a vanilla map with several teleport traps that dump lots of monsters vert fast on triggering. I have noticed that fairly often, the monsters will be telefragged if the one on the teleport exit location does not move away fast enough. The only workaround I can think of is choke the monster closets, but that won't really work for what I am trying to do.


Is there any way to block the teleport source until the destination is free?


The closets are linked but separated sector 'parts' with W1 linedef triggers to open the trap doors, and each closet door linedef is split up so multiple tagged sectors can be defined for each trap. Target sectors have one tele destination each, and there are quite a few monsters trying to cross the lines once the trap door opens.


FYI, The WIP map is here, and the teletarget that seems to exhibit this the most is at (+2800,+480) map units. It is triggered by lines centred on (+2240, +224)

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That worked! Thank you.


Why is this? What is it about MAP30 that has this difference?


EDIT: Don't worry - found it.

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