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I think this was Doom inspired

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I'm newbie, and a female Doom fan ;)
Anyways, I'd like to show this drawing. As I can see, I was Doomie inspired, look at his snout!! heheheh. Preety old thingie. I've done lotsa funny fanart for Doom and stuff but I need to get a new scanner.

And yep!! as a wild weirdo I am, I think that Doom baddies look cute!! Nyahahahahahahah!!!!!!!


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Sweet! A Baron of Hell with bat ears.

Welcome, be sure to follow the rules found in the faq that BBG and a few others took the time to write and you should be just fine.

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BlueSonnet said:

Ravage should do a doomskin of himself IMO.

Ha ha ha. Your funny. Sure I can draw *single* poses, but try around 50? No. I'm not THAT good. Also notice that each of my pics is a different size. Although, I could give it a try.

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Heh, thanks everybody for the comments on my bat eared Hell baron!LOL
And ravage you have cool pics too :) I like furries and speaking of that I'm trying to work on a comic project that involves both antropomorphic and demons >:)

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