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Meaningless Landmark

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Check out my post count. Woo! Yeah!

Since I have as many posts as there are years I think I'll just kick back and watch some COMPET-N NM100S demos before I head to work.

Anyway, considering the proliferation of launchers around here I wonder how many programmers are good with Windows-native coding. I've noticed that with DZip, WinACe, WinZip and PowerArchiver they make this cascaded (if you choose non-cascaded) menu when you right click something that's full of options.

I tried to do it myself with a little Registry hacking but I can't just create a menu there... the programs that have one do it with dynamic link libraries and shit.

So, what I was wondering... what about the Ultimate frontend? Set up all your ports and original games and run the program. Fill in your program locations and choose which ones you want in the menu and hit okay. Pow.

Now, when you right click any file/folder, there's a cascaded menu with options like:
doom.exe -file
doom.exe -playdemo
doom2.exe -file
doom2.exe -playdemo
tnt.exe -file
tnt.exe -playdemo
plutonia.exe -file
plutonia.exe -playdemo
boom.exe -file
boom.exe -playdemo
boom.exe -deh
edge.exe -ddf

I know that Final Doom's exes are both called Doom 2 I just did that to simplify.

Now then, let's say that some ports support zipped wads and some don't, or you watch a shitload of demos across all versions (TNT done with MBF, Ultimate Doom done with ZDoom)... this would be a helluva time saver.

The ports could be another cascaded menu.
doom -blah
doom2 -blah
boom > -iwad doom.wad -blah
      -iwad doom2.wad -blah
mbf > -iwad doom.wad -blah
      -iwad tnt.wad -blah

I have absolutely no idea how difficult this would be but I think it would be a really kickass project that everyone would want to download. Plus, it would save me some time after every format of telling Windows what to do with the .wad and .lmp extensions and redoing all those shortcuts to batch files.

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Just use the "send to" menu damn you. It's good enough for me. Wassamatter, you think you're special or something :P

Oh yeah. deadnail is a homo

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Didn't I mention configuring batch files, you cumswilling assfairy?! I *AM* using the send to menu, ya bastard! I just set up the right-click menu to be ZDoom specific!

Double click loads ZDoom with the Doom 2 IWad. I also have it set up to load it with doom.wad, tnt.wad, plutonia.wad, heretic.wad and hexen.wad! I added WadAuthor in there too for the helluvit.

I made icons for all the batch files too so you can tell what they do without even reading them. =)

I've got a one meg .icl file with a shitload of icons that does the trick very nicely.

This does take a little time to set up, though, so having a program that does it all would be better. Yes it would. NO, NOW GO AWAY.

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