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doom problems

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A source port is an enhanced Doom engine which brings Doom closer to "up to date" and they can be downloaded from this site (link below).

If you download a sourceport (and use it mind you), you might automatically solve your mouse problems.

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Yes, as DSM pointed out, a source port is a Dee-Lee that somewhat enhances the game to give it better effects or fix things or make things easier or whatnot.

Several popular source ports Include.

I also advise you Download the latest cab file from here I believe (please correct me if I am wrong.)

Doom Legacy







And more and more...

As for the mouse problems, again as DSM said, Source Ports usually fix that. :D

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You will definitely need a source port to play Doom on XP with sound, as XP doesn't emulate it afaik.

I recommend you get 39.cab from ZDoom and remember to install ALL the files in your doom2 directory.

You should enjoy that.

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