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Some old artwork..

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I found these things on a website, the first is doom inspired, made a year and a half ago.. the rest are just silly, from around the same era.





I'll see what else I can dig up, I wish I had my scanner hooked up, I have some pretty good zombie sketches kicking around.

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ravage said:

Heh, any pokemon bashing is good. :)

Or you can take it as a DOOM reference (the bunny.)

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Mwahahahaha, those pics range from cool to hilarious.

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No one likes that darn electric mouse do they? Oh well.....*pulls out a pistol and puts a bullet through a nearby pikachu's head*

Interesting piccies. :D

btw: by doing this :D i'm doing a big grin smily right?

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Skelethal said:

Yay!!! Cool pics and nice pencil techniques!
Banana FLy is hilarious!!! ROFL

Thanks, you got some skillz on the pencil and pad yourself, I thought the demon picture was pretty fly. Thanks for the comments everyone, makes me wonder why I don't stick to art instead of level design, heh.

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Yeah i love that pic. He looks like his got ants in his pants or something.

btw: Back to the smily issue i'll do things like :D, :) , ;o , ;p etc from now on based on the smily code from my old forum (btw don't go to my old forum cuz it sux).

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Well i can't say that Ravage's artwork is an ignorable (if there's such a word) subject. I find his art interesting.

If you wanna go somewhere where your artwork will get ignored go to my old forum. They only care about one artist (who helped kill a-ko) who blatantly wins the audience through sex appeal and so they don't give a shit about anyone else. The pigs.

That's why i like this forum. Everyone's treated equal in the art department and we don't have a bastard stealing the show. Keep up the good work guys. :)

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