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A DOOM 2 WAD consisting of 4 maps, PLEASE turn on Dynamic Lights for the map it was made with it in mind so the maps looks a bit better ;)


I mostly tested this wad in LZDOOM and GZDOOM(wad is not vanilla compatible)



Freelook is optional :)


Sky textures are by "Argent Agent" (AWESOME STUFF DUDE!)


----Gun Tweaks----

You start with a SMG(Credits to Sergeant Mark IV for sprites)

Plasma Gun fires faster and has new sprites (Credits to Skelegant and Wartorn.)

I made the Chaingun fire faster, why not??

Shotgun fires a bit faster too!


DOOM 1 Music is used, all credits go to ID SOFTWARE


Screenshots ~IMG_20220917_094009.jpg.3a3a7b45cf4df7287daca02c319f8083.jpgIMG_20220917_094040.jpg.b24563ca6f4d8f00efe2dd3a3c42641d.jpg






Edited by Fierce111 : Forgot to add some stuff!!

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so play a little bits of map01, i have some feedback here


First of all the flash state of shotgun and chaingun is not adjusted with the increased fire rate, it look hidious

Please don't use intermission music for a level please, it's very annoying when have it have a long play time

for the gameplay department, I'll give you 2 word, Corridor shooting

for the visual department, GOOD: nice dynamic light usage, BAD: the room is bit plain and blend, UGLY: large area with a single never changing texture.

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Played through and it was kind of a mixed bag for me.


The levels felt a little samey and got really repeative after a while, especially in MAP03 where you just chaingun the same zombieman packs over and over. You could've use also some different textures on those corridors, the outdoor maze with locked doors in MAP02 confused me somewhat when everything just looks the same, and tbh the Cyberdemon fights were kinda dumb.


I liked the gun tweaks. It felt satisfying to spread lead all over the enemy packs, however the Plasma Gun tweak felt akward, as the "cooldown" effect took longer than in the original. Also this kind of gameplay gets old quickly.


But it made me play it through and even find the secrets so it was not that bad. Just next time use some more variety in the texture department, have more open level design and wider use of monster library.

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It's clear that slaughter maps were a big inspiration here and the way you beefed up the weapons really helped enhance that kind of experience. However, sometimes it felt more like a shooting gallery. A lot of times, monsters were just placed in large clusters ready to be fried, with no thinking at all required from the player. I would suggest putting them in a place that thematically makes sense. You do this from time to time, one of my favorite examples was this mess hall you did. Screenshot_Doom_20220917_112050.png.3c95310c62841a6592de7461bb6fb84f.png 

The placement of the enemies here pretty much prevented me from using my BFG to clear everyone out. That's a good thing. I was forced to switch tactics to take care of the stronger enemies like the Pinky and Caco before I could get my "reward" in annihilating the lower-tier enemies. Stuff like this (in a variety of ways, of course) goes a long way and makes the enemies actual threats instead of targets to shoot down. In fact, I wish you'd double down on the slaughter. The fast gameplay and quick thinking required for moments like these were really exciting. It made key hunting a chore by comparison. I would've loved it if killing the enemies in the area was required for progress, and since this uses GZDoom, that's very possible.


One gripe I had with these slaughter areas was that sometimes they were far too open, and enemies would wander off to some obscure corner. I should be able to see them at all times. I mean, I'm literally locked in with them, they shouldn't be hiding. Which brings me to my next suggestion: perhaps have the maps become progressively more open. The WAD opened with the standard hallway shooting of DOOM, but even there, there were more enemies than would be usual. This was good because it let me know that combat was the focus here. The first map was probably the best paced, and I wished it went up on a linear curve instead of the second level immediately opening to a cyberdemon arena.


The secrets were rather basic but I kinda liked that. It's satisfying to just see a wall inexplicably raise to show a completely arbitrary room. Make sure to put some kind of clue there though. It could be a misaligned texture, flickering lights, etc. The only other suggestion I could give would be to give the maps a better or lesser sense of place. The maps had that DOOM 1 feel, where it seemed like they COULD be places, but didn't really feel like one. The attention to detail in this WAD is impressive at times, so it's clear you thought of this. But some of the areas are also sparse by comparison. You could go either way with this. In my opinion, if you're trying to make a fast slaughter map, why would place matter? Go crazy.


But yeah I liked this. The concept is definitely there, I just don't feel as if the pack is fleshed out. Hoped my suggestions helped, good luck!

Edited by CapersOnSalad

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On 9/18/2022 at 12:59 AM, Fierce111 said:

Thank you all for the feedback, I'll have all your replies in mind when I create another wad again :)

Hey! I suggest spending more time on improving on this. I'm going to publish my video soon, but since I had to concentrate to beat it (I'm a HMP player, so UV was bit tough, but still fun) here are some key points I didn't mention:


  • Slaughter wads really benefit from doomguy having the ability to move around. But at times, the monsters were placed in such constricted places that it was easier to bypass them than fight them. You'll see me  completing map02 mostly by bypassing monsters. it does not help, that there were 2 occasions when cyberdemon fights actually hurt the maps pacing:
    • 2nd map: starting with cyberdemon, rockets and plasma gun, i was expecting to get punished for using rockets or plasma or to actually need one of them later on. Neither of that happened. And after the cyber fight at the start, the tension was gone for most of the map.
    • 4th map: Again, the huge open area with 4 cyberdemons was nice to have. i made a comment about one of my own maps when i got a bit frustrated, but frankly I wouldn't change anything, except let that one be the exit instead of just random switch in the middle of the room. The cyberdemon fight felt like a finale, and then it felt like a letdown and then it felt like a finale again and then I remembered theres more to the map, and that more ended up being the filler. Switching the keys around might do the trick,
  • Maps look visually well made, and while I did not search the secrets, the ones I did find were... amusing I think is the right word. I also like the continuity with going in to a dark sector to leave and coming out of a dark sector to join. Keep that up.
  • Yhea, that ending, running towards crumbling building is probably what you intended... it just left me ask question: Why? It felt so out of place.





Edited by IcarusOfDaggers

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That maze in Map 03 with the zombiemen and imps was terrible and honestly, all the mazes here served zero purpose. It might be better to avoid that in the future. Dealing with repetitive hallways, especially those with unending streams of the same enemies gets really annoying after a while.

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