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Sweet Irony...

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I walk into work, see a kids car whom I highly dislike.. he's rich, and spoiled, and now has a trashed vehicle. I walk in, and begin the passive aggression. I young girl hit him.. he felt bad, but he's going to sue her insurance company up the ass. Oh well...

I get home, check my away message, one from my good friend.

"DUDE! My ex girlfriend (whom I also hate) totally wrecked her car! HAHA!"

The rest spells itself..

I love it.

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doesn't it seem that some things are specifically tailored to make your day better? Isn't it great?

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wait...what? say that again, not making any gramatical mistakes, and say it clearly so i know what the hell just happened.

edit: i read it again, now i get it. i'm a dumbass, so it took two times to register. i love it when shit like this happens.

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i wish that would happen to people i hate, oh it does. nevermind.

that is real good luck, i would have laughed my ass off till the cows came home.

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