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Doom's Apprentice

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Hello everyone just wanted to announce that I've signed up for the forums! There sure are a HELL of a lot of posts in here. My forums I have for a different game only have one post geez...

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This is why I never started a forum on my site. It might get a dozen or so posts before the novelty wears off. Besides, since the project is a three man team (me, myself, and I), there's no need for a forum.

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DooMBoy said:

Hidey ho, welcome to the forums, and don't get your ass banned! :)

Yeah, cause then the rest of your body will probably get banned too :P

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Dash|RD said:

Hi ho, dump the sheep into the snow!

Don't you know when to just die?

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I must say i'm disappointed in your progress. I imagined you'd be here sooner.

Welcome to the forums ^_^! Make yourself at home.

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