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Tomi Ivasword

Ultimate Doom Builder takes too long to check iWad


Hi. I want to make a quick doom map with ultimate doom builder. I switched from windows to linux recently and I got the ultimate doom builder from github. It start up fine, but when I try to set the iWad for game configurations, it simply takes too long to "check the wad".



this is what it's been doing for like 15 minutes now, I didn't watch the clock, but surely for too long.

So... what can I do?


I use Ubuntu 22.04


update: it ran for like 1 hour like this already...

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Theoretically fixed that in the latest Git commit.


But if not, just try to kill UDB and re-add the archive. It should not happen a lot of times in a row. It's also not a critical action (and not a long one); it should at most run for 10 seconds, that's why the window is disabled for the time.

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@ZZYZX Sorry for answering so late, I didn't notice you answered.

I do actually have the latest version (I cloned the repository with git clone...)

killing the process didn't help tho

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