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Nick B

Conversion of PC WADs to console format?

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OK, this is an *astonishingly* techie question, so apologies to those not interested or happy with this, just hit 'next post' :D

My question is this: I have a WAD file stripped out of the ROM image of an old console version of Doom (for the Atari Jaguar - actually a very good port). I know it's a valid WADfile (since the source was pretty much just recompiled for the port), but with some changes - the filesize was cut down by reducing complexity (to fit in a 4MB cart), and the byte-ordering may be different.

What I'm looking for is for someone with lots of knowledge of the WAD format to take a look at it and see if there is a way of mangling it into the PC format, with the eventual aim of creating a small utility to translate PC WADfiles into those compatible with the Jaguar version, so they can be cut'n'pasted into the ROM image and played.

Why? Well, because it would be astonishingly cool to be able to play user-created WADs on an older console :)

Anyone with a computer-science background and some spare time is welcome to apply; mail me and I'll send you the hexdumped file.

Thanks for your replies!

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Yeah, I wanted something similar for the PSX Doom and I sent Deep a sample wad to see if he could figure out the format.

That was several months ago and I haven't heard anything since...

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