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More monsters, a new weapon, MAP## instead of E#M#... Other than that, not very much.

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It has a "2" in the filename.

To be specific, there's 2 versions of v1.9. One is the Ultimate Doom version and one is the regular Doom version, och forgot one there's 3. Then there's the Final Doom exe aswell.

Only difference between these three:
Doom2.exe is the regular Doom v1.9 (you can see it if the text in the title is red)
Doom.exe for ultimate doom have the extra episode info included. and the title text is grey.
Doom2.exe for Final Doom. The same as Ultimate Doom, but it has the information for Plutonia.wad and TNT.wad, it also have a bug with the teleportlanding, making you teleport a bit up in the air.

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