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Malignant, a four map wad for Ultimate Doom (Updated Oct. 5th 2022)

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26 minutes ago, Sesamia said:

Download Link:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eqGrcSpKRxEaLaBLI4KL51_VkU3B6t2V/view?usp=sharing


I hadn't made any new maps in a while and decided to make four maps for Doom 1.  While I'm not new to mapping, this is practically my first public release.  I'm really curious to know what you all will think of them.


I'm probably done mapping for a while, but I may come back to update this wad with more maps someday.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  If you make a video of yourself playing the wad then I'd love to watch it.


Some info (larger readme included in the download link):

Title:  Malignant
Map Format:  Doom

IWAD:  Doom 1

-complevel 3

Requires a limit removing source port

Single player only

Difficulty settings have been implemented

Maps may not work with DOS Doom & Chocolate Doom

Primarily tested with GZDoom & Crispy Doom, some light testing with DSDA Doom and PrBoom

Jumping & Crouching are not recommended and may break parts of the map


Includes the following maps:

E1M1:  Foundation
E1M2:  Blitz
E1M3:  Hazard
E3M2:  Exile


Additional Credits:

James Paddock, Jonathon Washburn, Lippeth, and Myrgharok for their music tracks.


Thanks to @Suitepee for playtesting E3M2!



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These look quite good. I have just downloaded them and will be playing them soon!

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Played the first map so far, really good! Interesting layout and design choices. I'll finish the rest tonight and come back with some more detailed thoughts, but so far this WAD is ticking all the boxes.

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This looks cool. Interesting to see a UDoom mapset that doesn't come in a multiple of 9 maps and covers a wider range of themes in a short span.

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A casual, pistol-start playthrough of all maps.


Map 01 is a cool opener. I found it kind of funny that I was able to reach the exit without finding a shotgun, until realizing there was a whole other section.


Map 02 was quite a pain. The trap behind you when you enter the one courtyard was kind of nasty. I died twice in part because of that.


Map 03 was so sadistic. Almost no health though plenty of rad suits. Probably why I couldn't find the rocket launcher, which probably wasn't hidden if the ending was any indication? I did have to rewind when heading down the one radiated hallway with the red key at the end becaise 4 percent and hitscanners suck.


Map 04 was then much easier, although that may have been in part because there were less opportunities for hitscanner nastiness, as well as more health.


The first 3 maps could easily compete with those in E1 of Stickney Installation (cool vanilla megawad that should be finished very soon!) The 4th is also very good, but seems a bit like it might have been placed in E3 'cuz tradition with its weapon/enemy makeup.


Sorry. I didn't think to rename to demos but it's 1, 2, 3, 4 like so


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3 hours ago, LadyMistDragon said:

Sorry. I didn't think to rename to demos but it's 1, 2, 3, 4 like so


I think the demo for E1M1 may have broke.  It's only 344 bytes in size.


That was a nail biting watch at many times.  I'll probably be going through each demo a handful more times, so thanks for providing them (and thanks for checking out the wad!).


3 hours ago, LadyMistDragon said:

The 4th is also very good, but seems a bit like it might have been placed in E3 'cuz tradition with its weapon/enemy makeup.


In fact the 4th map was made first when I had no intention of making other maps.  I was toying with the idea of making doom 1 episodes, so I made the other three as an experiment.  If I had to place the 4th one in an episode, it would be E3M2 (or maybe E3M3).  I may still make more, but I have no plans to right now.

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Hello, I just played your maps, used crispy-doom UV/PS.


I quite liked the optional annex in E1M1, with the highlight being a 1HP moment, courtesy of shotgunner instant rng, prior grabbing the soulsphere that lifted my spirit back up. In E1M2 I really approve of the mad courtyard around the secret chaingun, definitely the standout, and the final octagon which also was good for my biased love for the chainsaw.


E1M3 was my favorite visually and it got me almost kissing the floor in the BK part, and then recovering took a long time, that I switched to careful tactics for the RK halls (thankfully less shotgunners). I may perhaps suggest highlighting the RL spot a little bit, I actually didn't see it at all when I got there first and ignored the imps thinking that there could be a RL somewhere else. Up to you of course, since not exploring enough was a misstep from my part. Luckily I found it and swept the final trap. Then went to the alternative exit, I'm assuming there will be more maps in the future? (btw, this secret sector cannot be touched)


And finally E3M2 was a blast. Would say, my favorite part was the faux switch trap, and the finale a close second, thought I liked every setup since they were all successfully bloody. The only thing I wasn't very sure about was that you gave lots of cells and rockets long before getting the actual weapons -- the PR in particular, I believe I was counting with 240 cells by the fleshy section, which had me thinking I missed the gun somewhere else, only to find out much much later it was belated exclusively for the final swarm. That's okay, though maybe the two cell packs in the two baron closets at the start could be initially locked and then freed for the finale?... I also didn't get the point of the secret blue armor becoming accessible when you approach the exit, which is likely after everything's dead -- would make more sense if there was another map afterwards, but since this is meant to be treated as an isolated map, maybe make it accessible earlier? unless you already had a followup planned...


Good stuff overall, would definitely be on the lookout for more stuff from yours in the future if there's any plans. And thanks for sharing! 

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I had a go at this WAD, so far I completed first 3 maps. I liked them :)


I recorded videos of my playthroughs. First wideo is of E1M1-E1M2 with me talking (although I'm not really saying anything useful :P), second is of E1M3 with microphone turned off.

First map was a short and sweet opener. Second map was a bit tedious because of lots of hitscanners, not a lot of health and quite nasty ambushes. But I played on UV and there are lower skill levels so I shouldn't really complain there :) And I'm not a very skilled player. Still I had good time. I needed to stop recording when I started map 3 and I came back to it later. So my second video is basically me resuming E1M3 from the save I did at the very beginning.


I really liked E1M3 - the best map out of these three for me. It had very interesting layout, I like when the map is interconnected and there are multiple routes you can take. I think all maps have nice visuals and implement E1 theme really well.




Thanks for the maps, it was good fun!

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Played the first two levels with the DoomRetro port. Great. Played the third on Gzdoom. Also ran great! Fun maps. Lots of variety in architecture for an Ultimate Doom wad. I love the push for the player to explore everything. Thanks! Will finish the rest tonight! 

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Thanks for the feedback everyone.  I've made some edits to E1M2 and E1M3 to make three encounters more manageable (the chaingun area in E1M2, the red key area in E1M3, and the final area in E1M3).  I'm expecting to upload the changes in a few days after I've had enough time to test them.

There's also a good chance that I'll be making a complete third episode for this project soon.  I made a rough draft for E3M1 that I really like, I have an idea ready for an E3M2 replacement, and I'm generally having a good time making episode 3 maps.

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Really cool maps overall. Some moments were a little "mean", but it just gave the maps a higher excitement factor. Excellent stuff here overall! I'll be posting a playthrough with my buddy Bio fairly soon.

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