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What Doom ll mods should I get?

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The only mod I'm using right now is Brutal Doom, and I wanna know what Doom ll mods could go with Brutal Doom?

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If you're looking for Brutal Doom compatible mods, you might wanna look in ModDB, the Doom community (both here and in the ZDoom forums) usually regards that mod the same way one thinks about a bean-powered fart in a crowded elevator. I'm honestly surprised even mentioning it at all doesn't immediately start a flame war of biblical proportions. I don't know of any myself, as I don't really play it all that much, and I usually play Project Brutality if I want to get my uber-violent Doom fix.


If you're looking for Doom 2 mods that isn't BD, on the other hand, may I recommend the Pillowblaster Trinity (Trailblazer, Guncaster, Russian Overkill), MetaDoom, Lt. Typhon, Samsara Reincarnation, NTMAI, Doom Delta, or Treasure Tech v1.2!

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