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How to set up macro strings??

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So while playing Doom online for the first time in my life, i was having a blast or two,

I always knew you could 'send' messages to the other players, but never knew how... and still don't.

I'm jumping online with IDE 3 how do I set these messages?

It also seems that theres 'real time' messaging where you don't need to have premade text.

I couldn't even so much as send along a GG when done playing...

Any help at all would be great!


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I know to send messages you just simply press 'T' and type your message then press 'enter'. As for macro's, I'm not sure for IDE, cause I've never used them on that. Sorry dude

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Edit Zdoom.ini chat macro section, put in your own taunts. To send during game it's "T" then "ALT+number of macro to send"

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