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how to increase damage of pistol with dehacked


I'm trying to reskin a pistol to a rifle and of course rifle dont do pea damages

I seen someone mentioned a solution of adding couple more frame and set duration to 0

but for this one I don't want the rifle eat 3 or so bullet just for one shot


Is it possible to do this using dehacked? 

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10 hours ago, Doomy__Doom said:

MBF21 dehacked standard

what's the editor for that? I'm pretty sure WhackEd don't do that

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For my own stuff, I made things/states with whacked and then added codepointers manually in the .deh file.


MBF21 support is on todo list in whacked's github, so someday...


Otherwise, I believe DecoHack has MBF21 support, but I've never used that utility.

Edited by Doomy__Doom

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