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Time for another release!

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Its been long enough and lots of new stuff. To prepare for another release many things are being done on the discord. Planning playthroughs on specific skills, making in-game coop demos, or general bug reports or submissions. Maybe you just want to watch it all happen, come join the discord.

Discord Link


Can also post issues in this thread or catch up on the github for the very latest. 

Latest Git Log


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I just started playing Freedoom, had to get used to the new assets, but I'm really starting to love it!


Great project, keep it up guys!

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Another release?


But 0.12.1 is already pretty decent.


I know this isn't typical for FreeDoom, but I actually use it instead of the real Doom wads when playing mods, maps, and total conversions (except for the extremely rare ones that require Evilution or Plutonia, or the glitchy ones that actually need the original Dooms so they won't look terrible). I even went to the trouble of using deutex to make wads with the original Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 maps so I could play them with the FreeDoom assets (not gonna share the files since I'm pretty sure that's against the rules and anyone can make their own map wads if they purchased the Doom IWADs), because I personally like the new stuff more than the original gangster stuff, but I like a little nostalgia every now and then. I remember the days when I was pretty much required to load the DHTP if I wanted to play anything with FreeDoom, but that's no longer an issue. Curiously, DHTP hasn't really been updated since FreeDoom came out with a full set of compatible textures.


I'm new here, but not new to Doom or FreeDoom, and I remember when FreeDoom was a hot, unplayable mess. Nowadays the quality is such that it can serve as a replacement for the original Dooms in most cases. I look forward to seeing what is new, even if the updates aren't of the earth-shattering variety.

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