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[USDQC] Wednesday Night Deathmatch #179 - 32in24-8

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Back at it on ZDaemon for a couple of weeks and this week, and this week we are throwing it back to 32in24-8: DWANGO2008! This wad from 2008 features some fun rip-offs from classic single player doom maps and re-envisions them as deathmatch maps. While this isn’t classic Doom deathmatch it feels eerily similar, so hop on in for some fragging and get nostalgic with some not-so familiar deathmatch!

Date: October 19,  2022

Time: 8:00PM CDT

Server: [USDQC] Wednesday Night Deathmatch

DMFLAGS: 1208046660 / 822230528/ 0

Skill: Nightmare

IWAD: doom2

PWADs: 32in24-8

Maps: MAP01-33

Players: 16/32

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