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What happens if you use demon attack states for weapons in dehacked?


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As far as I'm concerned, it won't work. The explanation is that enemy attack functions check for the source of the attack (the enemy) having a target (usually the player), and the player's attacks mostly rely on the player's angle. A target is set and used for autoaim calculations, but the approach is different to the one used by enemies, so enemy attack functions cannot find a target within the player, so they skip the rest of their code (the code that would actually perform the attack).


If you want to use enemy projectiles, the best you can do in most DeHackEd formats is to modify the player's unique projectiles (Plasma Ball and BFG Ball) so that they mimic other projectiles. However, in the case of Mancubus fireballs, you can't replicate their spread.

Your other option is to use MBF21, with which you could replicate most enemy attacks.

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