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Just in case, here's a bunch of blogposts related to Doom

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(if this subforum is not the right place for this post, do tell me which one would be a better place and if it could be moved there)

The following links include: bunch of opinions and observations, some interesting trivia, potentially helpful info, obscure things and even some creative ideas.

But also observations that anyone can have/you'd heard many times, basic trivia, incorrect/unhelpful info and unoriginal/derivative ideas.

Some of this could interesting some people, even if they're looking for "hot takes" to steal, other stuff could at least inspire some corrections or counterarguements depending on how wrong or flawd it is.


https://rentry.co/shy3y This one is about the Dark Lord and what i thought he could have been, even if there's an angle of "angry nerd whining".


https://rentry.co/kvkrc Random observations about Doom and Halo, mostly if the two were to ever crossover.


https://rentry.co/mzryo Random “Hot” takes in no order.


https://rentry.co/a7gqu A rather lacking analysis of classic Doom's aesthetic.


https://rentry.co/3mzpe Random takes about the Doom Universe/lore and its potential.


https://rentry.co/kxq3a  Observations about the Doom community, as in comparisons between new and old fans.


https://rentry.co/meytr What started off as an "ideal Doom game" then went off-rails to "bunch of different ideas that could justify a new Doom game"; even if you think Doom does not need another game for now, at least some ideas could inspire mod/wad/fangame related works.

(and at the bottom, i namedropped a bunch of mods and modders and artists, mostly because of what i say about "doom fans making their own fanservice/expanding the series", even if this also comes off as "nintendo hire this man")


https://rentry.co/2tey6p How to make a good Doom movie/show/adaption work, specially something that isn't just "look at John Wick or Hardcore Henry"; nothing wrong with the two, i just think there's a lot more that could be considered.


https://rentry.co/yawdn This is just me thinking about how Doom has a greater potential for horror than Quake.


https://rentry.co/uo66b Flawed/lacking Doom guide; someone else could definitely improve this and make it better than i did.


https://rentry.co/zt7hbd Random mod/wad reccomendations; still a lacking and rushed list, there's a lot of things that could have been there and descriptions could be much better.


https://rentry.co/a96ef Things that wouldn’t exist without Doom’s fanbase; now this one is a big deal and one of the most important text pieces in this collection.


https://rentry.co/w9hko Attempts at explaining MetaDoom, since it's a personal fav mod of mine; might still be wrong and lacking in many areas, maybe i just wanted to show off my Doom related knowledge before someone wiser exposes my hackfraudery.


https://rentry.co/s8oym Random examples of obscure/lost Doom related media; could have more stuff in it; the problem with this one is the heavy use of links since who knows if a video or tweet could be taken down.


https://rentry.co/cvspp Doom 1/2 demons’ most unique versions; just me looking at iterations of Doom's recurring demons and which are the most unique, either by visuals or gameplay.


https://rentry.co/5pia5 A rant about how important speed is in Doom, because i also bring up "variety" as another component to Doom's quality and FPS game design.


https://rentry.co/pwkcw True longevity: How Eternal is Doom? also an important one.


New: https://rentry.co/hhmt2 I've seen a few people who would like a "remaster" of Doom 1/2, so this post is about what things to consider if that ever happen; basically done in a "are you sure you want that?" way.


New 2: https://rentry.co/476dk Brutal Doom takes, since this mod has a weird place in Doom fandom related stuff. i tried to be fair and reasonable, even if i failed that.



Again, if some info here is wrong or lacking, go ahead and correct/expand on it.

If you disagree with some things here, go ahead and prove them wrong.

If some creative ideas sound cool, it could inspire a creative project

Love it or hate it, go ahead and spread it; maybe even steal some opinions if they seem cool enough because we're all guilty of that

Whereas other people invest their time in creative content like a wad, mod, fanart or something more solid (or even memes), the most i'd give to people is essentially "information".


One reason why i did this is because Doom has a large and long lasting enough following that there's always a lot to be said about it.

And with how the internet works, there's always interesting/useful/unique information buried under something that's more repetitive or surficial.

I tend to be a bit OCD about whether or not people even heard a perspective that's not even coming from me, just because i thought someone else said something unique.

Specially with certain popular Youtubers and whenever some guy says "Doom fans have the same memes" because those people are part of that "mold" related to a newer generation that has yet delved into a greater world around an iconic gaming series.


I also used Rentry because even if it has a character limit, Pastebin has some filters that could prevent posts from being made, which are annoying when you're not doing something literally wrong.

Maybe this all could have been preserved in better places.

This is all done in case i ever get less interested in Doom or something, because it’s one of my favorite gaming series.

Maybe the least i'd do is focus on making "real content" once i feel like i've said enough takes or nonsense.

Specially because there's people that know more than i do, so i tend to admire the old guard that still offers helpful info and even corrects certain misguided ideas that tend to be spread around. (even something as silly as "Doomguy doesn't know what sex is")


I also think that for someone to "steal/copy" an opinion, it's better if they sincerely believe it.

Otherwise, it's not the same as posting someone's art or copying a creative idea and claiming credit for it.

Edited by whatup876 : New link, another new link

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