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A Bizarre Hour - Now on idgames!

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A Bizarre Hour is a boom compatible map made by me and my good old friend @Lhyntel under the restriction of doing the layout in 1 hour. It end up being very abstract and quite challenging. The map presents some challenging set piece encounters and a little of incidental combat, some areas also require platforming. It may take you around 12-15 minutes to beat (at least for second playthroughs). 





Extra notes:
Iwad: Doom II

Complevel: Complevel 9

Mainly tested with PrBoom Plus

No difficulty settings 


Link to idgames


Hope you enjoy!

Credits and additional comments can be found on the readme.


Edited by dashlet : idgames release

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6 hours ago, dragzxnd said:

Skybox texture missing :(

Oh yeah, im sorry about that! I forgot to fix that in gzdoom. I updated the download, so hope now its good to go (if not then try using prboom plus or dsda doom)

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15 hours ago, NoisyVelvet said:

Here's an FDA.  Fun map.  I got close to the end on my second try.




  Reveal hidden contents

Enjoyable setpieces.  I wasn't prepared for the vile wave at the end



Thank you so much for playing and for recording a demo! It show us some nice feedback for things that can happend on the map.


Im adding some monster block lines, no more cyberdemons falling off the arena! I also really liked how you almost got out of bounds at the garden area, now that i think of it, that could have been a secret!


Edited by dashlet

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18 hours ago, Ravendesk said:

Nice map! Really liked the first arena fight, very fun.

Thank you! Glad you enjoy

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1 hour ago, LadyMistDragon said:

Demo. I can't two shot Cybers, sorry. I don't wanna get good, I go outside.


Interesting demo for sure. It was fun to see how you tackle the map in ways i would had never imagine, really cool to watch. Thank you for playing!

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Well, we finally decided to upload the thing to idgames (the map didnt seem to have any serious problem).

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Had some time to reduce the count of way too many wads on my playthru list by 1 and decided to revisit this and finish it off.

Amazing map! I highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys short but hard maps.

With that said, you can strafe run back onto the first curved road and hide behind the wall that raises if you want to get the cybers to clear out some of the stuff that spawns in. Doesn't really change too much about the map and the jump is pretty hard to do, but I guess if you really don't want the fight to be cheesed at all you could block it off if you ever choose to do an update.

Also, the cybers can sometimes fall into the slime making them harder to deal with, but that's more on me for baiting them to kill the hellknights, one cyb got too close to the edge and got scratched off, but I thought I'd mention it because block lines would prevent that, although I understand stuff like that wouldn't really be top priority in a speedmap, but yeah. You can also argue it's more the players fault in some cases like i suggested with what happened to me.

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@knifeworld Thank you for playing! I knew about the strafe jump, didn't really bother to fix it since its quite pointless to do. This damm goats keep falling off my platforms! (I thought that arena had monster blocklines all over the place)

Edited by dashlet

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