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FUN-PLUS-ONE : New WAD for Freedoom

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A wad for freedoom: FUN+1




7z archive - click here


tar archive - click here





FREEDOOM PWAD:  "FUN-PLUS-ONE" (5 maps and 3 new monsters + sounds)

Hey, here is my Doom maps, 5 maps made with Eureka map editor and 
Slade editor, you need to have Freedoom installed,
to play them, type:

doom -iwad /usr/share/games/doom/freedm.wad -file Freedoom-FUN-PLUS-ONE.wad -warp 1

or (something like that on Windows):

freedoom.exe -iwad C:\freedoom\freedm.wad -file Freedoom-FUN-PLUS-ONE.wad -warp 1

You need to load it with freedm.wad and not the original doom.wad
otherwise it won't have the correct textures etc.
(note: the freedm.wad might be somewhere else on your system)


  5-FUN + 1 == 6UN

 New monsters:

   zombie -> MetalBoner           (metal skeleton)
   sarge  -> BOT@nikor            (vegan robot killer)
   pink   -> NineTeaPod           (a centipede with 99 legs)


   Your are a prisonner of the matrix of lion-zion-cheatphux 
   known as 'the FreedoOm trooper' and you must find the exit 
   where it is explained how it is possible to walk through 
   the walls using sophisticated advanced technological devices
   (of entertainment.)

Made using Linux, Blender, Gimp, Eureka, Slade, Android apps.

ARG788 AT PROTONMAIL DOT COM : (no reply means the e-mail works good.)



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I really enjoyed what I've played so far! This is the first FreeDoom-specific project I think I have come across? I love interesting stuff like this :)


Some hopefully constructive feedback: It appears it MAY actually require Phase 2, not Phase 1? I couldn't get it to load with Phase 1 only. Also, I am getting some bad sound clipping/distortion on the SFX, particularly the robot/metal guy and the new centipede thing. Reproducible on all source ports I tried- ZZDoom, GZDoom, DSDA and Crispy Doom (I think I have all of them if you wanted me to try a different one?). This is not related to the weird SDL2 sfx clicking that is hitting basically every Source port BUT GZDoom right now lol.

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I celebrate that more mappers make wads for Freedoom! I've also a Freedoom map close to completion, but I'll probably present it in Wads & Mods to get more feedback.


We have now 2 wads (or are there more?) for Freedoom, with Freedoom on Earth and this one. Once there are a couple more I plan to create a list thread for Freedoom wads.


However, I hope you can work a bit on this one and improve it, as I see room for it.


I played through MAP01. I find it interesting that UV-maxing the map becomes quite a strategic puzzle due to the low amount of health (there seem to be only bonuses around), the high amount of hitscanners and the damaging floors at the exit. I hope it was intended this way ... My strategy was then to straferun to the green armor (praying to RNGesus that I only get hit once by the -20 floor) mowing down everything with the plasma rifle. Then return and tackle the rest of the enemies with the shotgun.


Without maxing, I was able to exit the map in 16 seconds.


Some constructive criticism:

- Textures are a bit a mad mix. I've played it with freedoom2.wad and freedm.wad and both have the same textures. Door and switch textures are used without function.

- The last damaging floor isn't really signposted, although I somewhat like the idea to use dark damaging floors.

- At the exit itself, a switch texture would be better than only the exit sign.

- There are some rooms and corridors which have almost nothing in it - for example the long corridor leading to a health bonus. You could place a medikit there, or some armor bonuses, and some more beefy monsters.

- What's the purpose of the red key?


In contrast, I like it when big weapons (here the plasma rifle) are handed out early, but with not much ammo, so you can use them for "emergencies". That comes handy for the "run to the green armor" strategy I wrote about above.


Reviews of other maps will follow.


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A few words to MAP02 to MAP05:


I liked MAP02's visuals and lighting, although the weird usage of door and switch textures for walls persists. The pain elemental room is a bit cruel, it seems the best strategies are 1) camping or 2) run to the plasma rifle and return, but 2) requires foreknowledge. In one of my play attempts the door before the intersection leading to the PEs was closed. I guess this was due to me shooting the Keen in the starting room?


MAP03 seemed visually nice and becomes challenging if you run around for too long without knowing what to do (as some of the water is damaging), but once you know where the exit is it becomes also very easy, just like MAP01.


MAP04 - I couldn't pass the first corridor, there is a cement block which is too high for Doomguy to be walked over. Looking at the editor there seems also not to be a switch to lower it. Is jumping required here or is this a bug? Looks quite nice at the automap though.


MAP05 - Has several problems. First, there are big rooms with hitscanners in them, which in modern map design is almost considered an anti-pattern ... There's also a caged baron which provides almost no threat and is very difficult to take out. A third problem is the spider room. The spiders often will block access to it if you alert them too early. Consider sound block lines here.  There's also an optional room with almost nothing in it. Anyway I don't dislike this map, I liked the area with the water a bit. But it seems the exit is the Stallman head in the middle of the map, and if you advance too much you simply get stuck and die.


To be honest the mapset looks a bit like it was created procedurally. I get it from the OP that it was meant to be weird, but it has some strange design choices and/or bugs. Anyway, had fun :)

Edited by erzboesewicht

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