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[EB] Euroboros Community Sessions - Week #19: Dynamite Terminator

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Euroboros Community Sessions - Week #19: Dynamite Terminator


Hi everyone! This week in Euroboros Community Sessions we return to the Terminator gamemode, using another Skulltag oriented mapset, Dynamite Deathmatch!

The session will commence tomorrow on Saturday, October 22nd 2022, at 7PM CET / 1PM EST!


If you missed the session we did on Sabbat Martyr maps, Terminator is otherwise just like deathmatch, but with an additional twist: A Terminator sphere will spawn on one of the player starts, which grants a megasphere and quad damage to the wielder until they get fragged! Anyone fragging the Terminator will be awarded 10 frags and the Termination medal, and the Terminator drops the sphere for someone else to pick it up.

Dynamite Deathmatch is a Skulltag Deathmatch mapset created by @RottKing in 2006, consisting of 12 medium sized maps. Although designed for Skulltag, most of the maps have a very vanilla Doom feel in terms of gameplay. Standard Doom 2 weapons like the shotguns and the chaingun still dominate the playfield, but there are a couple miniguns, grenade launchers and railguns on all 12 maps.

DynamiteDM achieved a Cacoward for the best Deathmatch mapset of 2006!


For this session will use no frag limit, but instead a time limit of 3 minutes. I hope this event to be even more intense than Sabbat Martyr!




Join the Euroboros Discord server to participate in this week's Euroboros Community Session, AND if you want to leave YOUR suggestion for a future session!

Register now at Euroboros.net
 to host your own FREE European Doom multiplayer servers on Zandronum and Q-Zandronum!

See you on the session this weekend!

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