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Silent Hill transmission

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Konami had a Silent Hill transmission on the 19th and was curious if there are any other Silent Hill fans here and your thoughts? I personally am both excited and apprehensive that they are making new Silent Hill games. They announced a Silent Hill 2 remake (Silent Hill 2 being my favorite) I feel that the team they got, Bloober Team, isn't the best choice. While I thought that the Layers of Fear games were well made, I also felt that they were very surface level where the story and character development are concerned. I would compare it to my thoughts on horror movies. There are movies that are metaphors for something larger, like Halloween. Michael Myers in my mind has always been "The Shape", a metaphor for fear, anger, violence and what it does to the victims and the people around them. Then there are movies like Friday the 13th, just a mindless slasher film that is fun to watch during spooky month. I feel like Bloober teams approach to horror is very much the latter. Gore and jump scares without much meaning or subtlety. Silent Hill 2 in my opinion is a story about a man with deep seated fears of femininity, and his perceived view of weakness. While I am looking forward to a graphical update to the game, I worry that the story will be distilled into a very basic jump scare/gore filled affair that has very little to do with the originals more philosophical approach to personal trauma and not knowing ones self. Curious to see other peoples opinions on this, do you think that Bloober team can pull this off? Do you think that they will just make a carbon copy with updated graphics? What is you interpretation of the games story line? 

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Ive lost respect konami after they did to kojima and castlevania, so either they going to sucess or failed.

The only i know is the one game of silent hill in japan themed, i even seen a lot comment is it going to write by one writer who made horror visual novel (?) And they said it was very traumatic novel, so maybe it going to be promised, but still ive lose to respect konami.

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Totally understand. Unfortunately they own the Silent Hill IP so if I want to play a Silent Hill game I have to accept that they screwed Kojima over and move on. Silent Hill F looks incredibly promising I agree. The trailer alone sold me, don't care if it is a visual novel or not I look forward to playing that game.

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