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doomguy face from lots of doomguy faces

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hello to all

is there a chance somebody got to know this facebook page https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1494848647460584&tsid=0.21725833999907995&source=typeahead.

the reason i asked is that the owner of this page upload a very rare picture of the doomguy face made with lot's of small doomguy faces .

few more things:

1)if somebody remember the name of the owner's page or or the picture i'm talking about it will be nice if he will post it here.

2) i think this picture were post even before doom 2016 came out.


many thanks for the helpers.


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My friend, you have already presented us with this very same question in the past. Why is that you let your mind waste and wither over the prospect of some small Doomguy faces? Perhaps it is because they take on a new meaning, these tiny faces, when they are glued together to form something much larger but still no more expressive than their own faces? That is no doubt a part of the human condition.


That's why I'm here to help you.


Hi, I'm Mike Lindell, AKA The My Pillow Guy. We offer affordable payment plans for Doomguy Face From Lots of Doomguy Faces pillows, made from the finest material you won't be able to resist. Gives us a shot, and you'll be telling all your friends about your new pillow, manufactured in the wonderful United States of America. They might even want to order one for themselves, that's why I'm offering you a promo code myself so you and your friend can improve their quality of sleep. Use the code ILOVEMYPILLOW for ten percent off at checkout, valid until I kill myself. Your sleep will never be the same after you try MY PILLOW.



20190301092100_BerjS1jbOstCGGC8_335-335 (1).png

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