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Scorpion Mastermind Model

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Greetings. A while ago I said I was gonna make a 3d model of a scorpion mastermind, but my computer started to screw up and would freeze when I tried to do anything, even playing ZDoom. ;_; But anywho, it turned out my chip/board/memory were going nucking futs, so I replaced them all with better stuff. :D So now that I can do more then just surf the net, I decided to make the scorpion mastermind I said I would. :)

I dug up the pic I had made of it to jog my memory and started to model the thing about an hour ago. Well anywho, I have a pic of the legs (finished pending bugfixes) and a partially made tail (the real one will have more links and not look like the legs (which it happens to be right now... ^^; )). I learned better then to use primatives and made most of the model with the vert an face things. :) Anyways, here's a pic:


I kept the poly ammount on it low to make it look rough (low as in not ultra rounded and such, the poly count is about 3000 with only legs and less then a third of a tail, so it ain't gonna be a quake model, thats for sure. :). Hopefully I can make the body not look like ass (tenth times the charm... ._.; ) and come up with some more pics. When I actually make a skin for this I'll be using the doom pal as well as use textures from it so the model 'fits in' better. :)

Anywho, I'll try and post an update tomorow. Bye! ^_^

P.S. The pic is on keenspace so it should work normally, unless keenspace goes down again. >_<;

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Well, so far, it could just as easily be a regular scorpion from what I would know, but I'm sure it's gonna be more interesting when it approaches completeness.

Keep us updated :-)

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Shaviro said:

heh, cool! Can't wait to see the finished result!

Heh, I remember you wanted a scorpion monster for the original TRTCC.

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Alright, after 2 hours of making diffrent versions of the body, I have one that doesn't look AS BAD as the rest. ^^; When I look at the body, I see something missing, but can't quite figure out what I missed. :/ Oh well, maybe someone here can spot it... or not spot it as the case may be. :)


I added in some temp 'claws' (nothing more then duplicated legs fliped around to the front. :) so that I can see how well the claws will fit. The tail hasn't even been touched yet, so it's still the same. :) In the end, the tail will end in a rocket launcher, have about 8 diffrent links in it, and use better modified versions of the legs (the current is basically a very simple modification of the legs where I just shrunk the spike and turned some verts around. ;). The claws them selves might or might not use the legs as a basis (by using the legs as a basis the entire model will look like all the peices were made in the same way (and not two legs from Abudabi, one claw from the US, some... extra part from mars, and a large part of Sputnic :)), but in the end they will have one heck of a nasty weapon. The front part of the claws will start to spin and the claws will open up to reveal 5 chainguns (one for every opened part of the claw and one in the center. ;) for a total of 10 chainguns all going off at once. ^_^ It'll be one hal of a monster (instead of pain frames, it'll fire a rocket from it's tail. ;).

Next up, the CLAW! Nothing can stop the CLAW! *wanders off holding his wrist, his hand in the shape of a claw*


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You plan on making it merge with demonic flesh(exoskeleton) and metal, with wires and blood, right?

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myk said:

Heh, I remember you wanted a scorpion monster for the original TRTCC.

Yeah! The memories...

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