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[GZ][HUD] feel at home when using GZDoom, thanks to MimicHUD

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I frequently hop from source port to source port (mainly Woof and GZDoom).


I never play using the statusbar, preferring a fullscreen viewport.
In doing this I sometimes feel disoriented because each port has its own HUD style.
If you are familiar with a scenario like this, you might end up enjoy this!

Enter... MimicHUD

A little SBARINFO mod which mimics (duh) the hud of some popular ports.
This way you can feel at home by playing in GZDoom and using the HUD of other ports.



// FEATURES ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
- 4 main styles: GZDoom, Eternity, Boom, Crispy
- secondary ammo support (for the normal statusbar too!)
- optional level stats counters
- optional mugshot (Crispy style only)


// CHANGELOG ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
- 2022.10.26: initial release
- 2022.11.02: added option to replace Arms with Mugshot (Crispy Classic only)
- 2022.11.03: added the Eternity style and stats support, reworked various cvars
- 2022.11.07: removed MaxAmmoCap and ArmorDmgAbsorption indicators, various tweaks
- 2022.11.16: expanded Mugshot/InventoryItem support, tweaks to the CrispyModern style
- 2022.11.30: removed BoomModern and CrispyModern, tweaked the remaining styles
- 2022.12.01: tweaked the Mugshot/InventoryBar appearance
- 2022.12.03: reworked the GZDoom style
- 2022.12.13: tweaked the "Normal" and "AutoMap" drawing routines
- 2022.12.14: revamped Mugshot/InventoryItem/InventoryBar support
- 2023.01.03: added a background gradient for Mugshot and InventoryBar



// WHAT'S MISSING? /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
- level time (I usually rely on the port for this)
- ammo tally (supporting gameplay mods would become a nightmare)
- powerup timers (same as above)


// INSTRUCTIONS ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
add this mod at THE END of your load order (to override any pwad-provided hud)
  gzdoom.exe -iwad "DOOM2.WAD" -file "D2TWID.WAD" "BDLITE.PK3" "MimicHUD.PK3"



// CREDITS /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
- GZdoom/Crispy/Boom devs for the inspiration
- Hellser for his work on the Boom HUD for his mod Project Aurora
- International Doom devs for some gfx resources
- Eternity Engine devs for some gfx resources


// DOWNLOAD ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

- current release: https://www.mediafire.com/file/l66l96or0eqx86y/MimicHUD-20230103.pk3/file
- last release with modern cripsy/boom layouts: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4xz7055d8hj4xd2/MimicHUD-20221116.7z/file 



// SCREENSHOTS /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
- Crispy style: https://i.postimg.cc/x8L1GRYv/style1-crispy.png
- Modern Crispy: https://i.postimg.cc/x15H17F6/Mimic-HUD-Crispy-Modern-Mugshot-Stats.png
- Boom: https://i.postimg.cc/sDRXjt9w/style3-boom.png
- Modern Boom: https://i.postimg.cc/wxNMd6J1/style4-boom-modern.png
- GZDoom (using a gameplay mod): https://i.postimg.cc/CxhxDk28/style0-gzdoom.png

- Eternity Engine: https://i.postimg.cc/NFMT0s9B/style5-eternity.png



Edited by Delfino Furioso : updated link to latest release

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new revision: I've added the option to replace the Arms panel with the Mugshot (only for the Crispy classic hud)


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I considered implementing:

  • Doom64, feasible but I need to find a suitable bigfont - ideally without resorting to rips
  • EternityEngine, but the port offers so many options/variants and, even limiting myself to the default one, it will never be a 1:1 replic


I'll try something in the near future..

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quick sneak peek ;)



obsolete screenshot removed


Edited by Delfino Furioso

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new release:
- removed BoomModern and CrispyModern
- various tweaks to the other styles
- revamped the Mugshot/InventoryBar support

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new release

- 2022.12.03: reworked the GZDoom style
- 2022.12.13: tweaked the "Normal" and "AutoMap" drawing routines
- 2022.12.14: revamped Mugshot/InventoryItem/InventoryBar support
- 2023.01.03: added a background gradient for Mugshot and InventoryBar

download link updated in the OP




This will be the final release, as the mod has been split into different GitHub repository:






The split will hopefully let me work on a particular HUD style without having to deal with the code/resources of the others. 

They've gone through a pretty extensive refactor and as a result they support only stock features (no mugshot right now, sorry).

I plan to reimplement alternate layouts (eg: modern boom, modern crispy, flag gzdoom) in the next few weeks.

Then I think I'll try to port them all from SBARINFO to ZSCRIPT, to enable new and more advanced features.


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