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i'm in school right now, in my third hour class: home ec. we're searching for recipes, then we have to write out the shopping lists and all that other hoo rah jazz. we need to find a main dish, two side dises, and a dessert. does anyone have any good recipes they could offer me? (credit will go out to you for your help.)


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Uhh...I can tell you how to make some damned good enchilada's from scratch (not using any of those pre-mixed packets of stuff).

1. Get some corn tortillass.
2. Get some hamburger (80% lean or so)
3. Get some red chili powder. New Mexico chili is good.
4. Get some ground cumin (caminos)
5. Get some grated cheese (chedder is best, imo)
6. Get whatever else you want in them (lettuce, tomatos).
7. Get some eggs (optional)
8. Some flour
9. Some water
10. Two to three frying pans, and two or three plates.

First, if you've got some veggies, chop them up, and set them aside. Get the cheese ready, too. Then, fry your hamburger. Set that aside. Now, make some chili gravy. To do this, first take some flour and put it in a frying pan. Then put just a little bit of water (make it about the thickness of gravy). Heat it up for just a tiny bit, 'till it almost simmers. Then add in some chili powder and cumin (makes it taste less better and MUCH better). Simmer it for a while until it thickens. If it gets too thick, add a little bit of water. If it gets too runny, add just a bit more flour. You're aiming for the viscosity of normal gravy.

Get a plate ready with a few paper towels on it.

Now, take another frying pan and fill it with about 1/4" vegtable oil. Heat it up (don't let it get TOO hot!) to where it'll at least start to fry a corn tortilla. Dip in all your tortillas, not making them crispy, but just frying each one for about 10 to 15 seconds. Take them out and put them onto the plate with paper towels, patting off the extra grease. Then, take some chili (with a spoon), and spread it onto the tortilla. Both sides. Take that one off, put it on the plate you serve it on, and fill it with hamburger and cheese.

Here, you have top options. You can either roll it up (a bit harder to do), or keep it flat and put a few additional enchiladas on top. Also, put whatever else you want on top. If you'd like, put a bit more chili on top and some cheese.

You can heat them up in a microwave just a tiny bit to melt the cheese. If you'd like, you can fry an egg and put it on top of them. They taste good with them, actually.


BTW, I've never made these myself, but I have helped my grandma (who has the recipe) many MANY times. If you need some more exact things, let me know, I'll get them tonight when I get home from school/work.

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thanks, teamkill. those enchiladas sound pretty damn good.

Hockey_R00lz said:


i'd suggest against spamming, hockey. the mods aren't going to put up with that shit. granted, yes, only four posts in three days, but nonetheless, don't go around posting randomly or getting banned is imminent.

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Take some chicken broth, add a bit of corn starch, then heat it up to boiling.
once boiling, add egg whites. NO YOLKS. drizzle them in through the tines of a fork. one you do this, turn the heat of, as the whites will cook instantly. and you have egg drop soup. To the best of my recollection.

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