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SDL clean version of DoomGL (and Z)

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zdoom uses fairly portable libraries already, the source code is available.. whats stopping you?

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Yeah, there's very minimal win32 specific code for zdoomgl. Basically, you'd just have to make a Linux version of the OpenGLVideo and OpenGLFrameBuffer classes, and maybe muck around with a few other files (basically copy/paste some functions from the Win32 stuff into the Linux stuff)...

As I've mentioned before, I'd do it, but I don't have Linux or any Linux programming experience :)

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Because SDL is a piece of shit. And so is anything even remotely related to multimedia in Linux.

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Maybe you should wait until Randy made the ZDoom 2.0.x source compile on Linux again.

Arioch said:

Because SDL is a piece of shit.

I love you. I never understood why people go so crazy about SDL. Heh.

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Fredrik said:

Yep, SDL is almost as awful as Allegro.

I used Allegro a long time ago for a DOS game. It wasn't too bad :(

Heh, it was an "Invaders from Space" type game (ship on the bottom of the screen, enemies come down from above). It had powerups and even a boss!

Sadly, I think it's gone forever now, though. Otherwise I'd post it and you could all laugh at it (it used Mode X, so it ran in NT4, so I'm assuming it'd work in XP).

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