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DOOM 1 - Mars Adventure (5 + 1 new maps for doom Episode 2!) /IDGames

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download -> -> -> Episode 2 - Mars Adventure.zip    /    https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/d-f/e2msadv


Whats good there!

I've made my mapset for Doom 1 aka replacement for episode 2 maps 1-6. This wad took me a while to create but whatever! It's finally done and I would like to share it with you :) It has custom hud bar, titlepic and stuff, This mapset was originally supposed to be whole 8 map replacement but I'm not having fun with

making maps anymore for a longer time/just lost interest into this wad, sadly :(


There's some info about the file:

IWAD: doom 1

replaces: Episode 2 - The Shores of Hell, E2M1-6

Tested with: crispy doom and lzdoom

music: classic e2 songs

co-op: no

deathmatch: no

difficulty settings: no

Made in about 2 months

Every map has its story at the end :D


Screenshots? Click the spoiler:



E2M1 - Halloween Tech Base



E2M2 - Crate Adventure



E2M3 - Quelost



E2M4 Danger in the UAC base



E2M5 - Computer Base 36


E2M6 - Bonus map


Have fun playing if youre interested! :) And as always any bug reports and stuff much appriciated!


download -> -> -> Episode 2 - Mars Adventure.zip

Edited by Pezl : pezl

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I just finished it :)


It's a good tribute to Doom's E2, though my only complaint would be the lack of "variation" in the level design architecture... it can feel a little bit too flat and geometrically repetitive at some point.

You definitively worked on the infights, and it's nicely executed :)

...But some peoples could find them a little bit asphyxiant, especially some Baron's encounters. I myself had no problem about any of them to be honest, since you can do the job with a rocket launcher/plasma gun.

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@Briøche Thank you for playing! First of all you have a point, now when I look at these are kinda flat maps. If probably got inspirated by classic doom a lot since the shores of hell is a flat experience for me.

Im glad you enjoyed the fights :)

@Astro X Thanks, I had to upload somenthing again to look active on doomworld haha :D

Im playing maps and stuff from here but don't comment that often because im not the type of guy Who gives usefull feedbacks

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The ammo balance is sure tight if you attempt pistol-starting and some fights honestly seem much too cramped. It's great to see some activity from you though!

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@RataUndergroundThank you for the video playthrough, i see some small texture not connected but the main thing is that There isnt mapinfo in dsda, should fix that. So yeah 

@LadyMistDragon @Captain Keen Thank u! I had too post it, could not continue in new maps also the map should be possible with pistolstart (tested every map) but it's still not meant to play like that, understand

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Thank u for playing the adventure! I enjoyed the video, the trees were best thing over There, Voxel doom is a cool thing. And of course choosing to play with pistol starts isn't a good decision although when I tested it with pistol starts. :D

Also I Wonder why you don't see the stories between maps, it could be port issue not sure.

Ps: its called 5+1 because of the ending lol I totally forgot why is the map thing There in the First place

On 11/4/2022 at 11:04 AM, Clippy said:





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Hey guys, this mapset is now available on idgames, link at the top of the thread! :)

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I've played this a year ago, but never posted my brief thoughts, so here goes:


Finished the first three maps in about 10 minutes

E1M1 is the best from the ones I've seen, although it has the unnecessary crusher and the nukage area seems undercooked.

E1M2 is Containment Area except worse; its flatness is very visible and some areas feel pointlessly lengthened with unneeded rooms. Its fights, outside of the central crate area, feel dull.

E1M3 seems to be an exercise in very tight-quarter fighting, including Barons; actually a quite good idea.


I'm also attaching a FDA demo.


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