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First Map: "Eigenstate" // Glitchy, hellish techbase. Small & easy. Looking for feedback!

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Hello all!

This is my first map. It's a smallish map, relatively easy, trying to get some nice glitchy aesthetics going. Gameplay wise it should be ok.
It is a single map, DOOM2 limit-removing. Tested with Crispy Doom and PrBoom+. Complevel 2.




Music is from "Floppy Disk Full of MIDI Files": PBLOOD8

Here are some screenshots:




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Very nice first map! Its coherent, but you can improve it breaking a little the orthogonal design (too many rectangular rooms). In the next, maybe you could experiment more with different heights and verticality.



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A very good first map. Some variations in textures and lighting, some good details, the ammo/health/armor balance was good.


A few minor issues.

- One door is in a slightly too tall a sector and the door texture tiles.

- One side of the yellow key platform is untextured.

- A secret door’s walls didn’t have the lower unpegged flag set.


Now for more subjective criticism.


Enemy placement seems a little scattershot in some rooms, as if enemies were just placed down at random. You open a door and there's a smattering of enemies, many of which are facing seemingly random directions. There aren't often enemies hiding in little alcoves or in ambushes. There are also only monster closets in a few, obvious places. A few surprises or traps could help keep players on their toes.


The big fight before getting the yellow key was a bit easy. There are a couple issues there. One is that the monsters start teleporting in almost as soon as you enter the room, allowing the player to retreat. I think this is a case where you want to lock the player into the room until the threat is ended. Secondly, the room is a bit too big. I ran in circles and didn't even fire my gun until almost everything was dead. There are a couple things which could be done to make that combat more threatening. Here are a few options - you don't need to do them all, and probably shouldn't, these are just thoughts.

- Don't trigger the trap until the player is halfway across the room.

- Make the room smaller.

- Spread the teleports out so enemies are appearing from points on the edges and not just in the middle.

- Move the back walls of the cages back and have some ranged enemies appear from behind the cage walls, so players need to split their attention between two directions

- Tweak the monster composition more. Adding in more pinkies and imps can take up space in the room, leaving less space for the player and forcing them to focus more on clearing space. A Pain Elemental or two would also create space and make the player engage with the fight.

Stuff like that. The fight near the end with three Hell Knights was much more tense because of the smaller area.


I didn't really understand the maze section. It was pretty short, and it didn't really need the line guiding the player through. With a line, I was also kinda expecting deviating from the line to trigger monster closets, but no. It's fine, but it didn't really seem to need the line unless there was going to be a "Lights out" trap. It was an ideal place for some ambushes, or a "lights out" trap, something.


I felt a lot of the secrets were pretty obvious even without the automap, but I'm a veteran secret hunter. The automap in the first secret did kinda spoil the surprise of the rest of the map, but that's fine, lots of maps give an automap early. I don't get why one secret from a switch in plain sight was a secret.


The Arch-Vile was a nice encounter, the open column added a little extra care to dodging.


The plasma rifle in the room with the Hell Knights is a pretty obvious monster closet trigger, so by avoiding getting it first, I simplified the fight. One thing to consider is adding additional closet triggers to either side of the platform so that when the player maneuvers around to attack the Hell Knights, that triggers the rest of the fight early.


The final room was again, a little easy as there was lots of space and I could trigger infighting. Some of the same suggestions could apply here as well. Maybe an Archvile appears on a raised ledge forcing the player to seek cover and prioritize that enemy even with other enemies still alive.


Overall, a very solid first map.

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Bland, but not unenjoyable. A valiant first effort, this is probably more me playing fast and loose, but I was scrounging for health until the yellow key fight.


Maybe uncage those chaingunners so they can shape the battlefield just a tad more.

Overall, a nice little timekiller, keep improving and whatnot, you're doing great so far.

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Decent map I suppose, though you may seem to notice me trying to guess what the purpose of having 2 clashing textures in one room was.


I'd actually died to a Hell Knight in the plasma rifle trap, but I wanted to see the rest at least, which was probably easier, and certainly looked nice (those blood fountains, for one)




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Thank you all for playing and for your feedback, it is much appreciated! As I excpected I have much to learn when it comes to enemy placement and designing of fights: I agree most placements feel rather random, not much use of monster closets, difficulty not balanced etc.

I'll keep these in mind for my next map and hope to have a bigger focus on nice enemy encounters, as the visuals and layout seemed to be serviceable.

Thanks again!

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This is a good map for all my money. I remember my first map looking something like this:


 *Note: This is my recreation of my first wad I made almost a year and a half ago. The original map is long lost.


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I completed Eigenstate.wad with Crispy-Doom, acceptable DOOM2 map, 70/100. The best part of the map would be the visual quality. The environments actually appear believable. There is a good balance between areas with lighting, and dark areas. There are no ceiling or floor textures, which is a huge missed opportunity. The gameplay is the least interesting component of the map. The gameplay is very generic, and not interesting at all. Most rooms consist of random monster placement with no emphasis on ambushing the player. Monster traps are very easy to escape. My recommendations, monsters need to be placed in ambush locations instead of out in the open. Prevent enemies from fighting each other by placing enemies throughout the map instead of 1 place in the map. Set enemies to ambush, and enemies will only attack the player if the player is in visual range of the enemy.

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I played through your first wad and i did like it but there we're some issues i did have with it.


The layout is fine for a first timer but the same textures for rooms kinda make it bland (trust me i did that with my first map as well).


I felt like you we're going for the starve the player of ammo in the room where monsters teleported in and had to mike tyson there way to the end.


Throwing in high tier enemies with limited ammo is fine and all but like the last part i said mike tyson punch out monster without the beaker pack is not fun to do, it can be done right, if you have a small advantage in the fight.


I didn't find all the secerts but the one in the marble room was a dead give away.


Overall it was fun but i think it fell flat in the end of it all. Now i would've made a video on this for you but since my PC is trash and i can't seem to record stuff without it saying "free up space" i've would've pointed it out as well.


Now what i've learned from mapping is always take the comments and criticism to heart, and always incorporate it into the next one. It helped me out a lot and i'm still a novice mapper that started April of 2021 (even though it said i joined in aug of 2020) i've heard to take hit and make thing better as a mapper.


I want to end this on a positive note for you. Here's some advice from one mapper to another: 


Think of a theme you want: Like you have great idea's combined into one map...but they kind merge together kinda bad. I say pick one theme and stick with it


Balance the fights out: You don't want to make someone either over powered or under powered, try making a fight where it's in the inbetween.....unless your doing a plutonia style map then go for the "i want the player to suffer" method. 


Make an environment: This one is more like make a area that has something going on like for example one of my maps for a community project. I made a cavern where it was like a mining facility deep under ground with tracks leading nowhere, comm rooms with a radio broadcast antenna and equipment around. Or another one is if you're going for an outdoor theme have like rocks be different heights and sizes, have some of them have waterfalls coming down from them (that one you would need to us custom textures or TNT / Plutonia.WAD for those textures).


Biggest one(s) for me as a mapper is this: Learn the editor / play around with ideas and always take your time. Always take your time making maps, if you rush making a map it will crash and burn...unless you want to make shovelware wads and / or joke wads then by all mean go for it, but if you want a good map always take your time making it and make sure you iron out any issues or bugs before asking people to play, trust me i've done that and it was not pretty.


Hope this helps and if you want to you can check out my wads for inspiration / what i'm talking about the subject of environments. Oh and one more thing, just do your own style of mapping, never try to copy others. Copying other people's style of mapping is lazy, getting inspiration is fine and all but just coping and pasting someone else's work is being lazy. 

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@Marvv7, thanks for creating Eigenstate. It has all the features I appreciate in a WAD: wide areas, constant head-on balanced combat, abundant ammo, immersive soundtrack, and linear direction. I recorded a gameplay, and in the description of the video I mention all these things. I hope to play a mapset created by you, with that same style.



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