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Naked Snake

The trip to mars

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The ship groaned under hydo-warp.Looking out the porthole you saw the stars so fast they were a blob.Science sucks you think.If science hadnt figured out how to make hyper-warp then hydro-warp you wouldnt be here.You would still be on Earth.Fucking scientists.You sit in the rec room on the ship watching some old action movie from the 20th century.The special effects are lame compared to nowadays standards.The acarde might appeal to the younger grunts but a grizzled marine like you doesnt care for 3d pong and pinball.Damn Sargeant Wild.The bastard just had to open fire on the civies.If you could do it all over again you wouldnt have punched him.You would have broke his goddamn arm.You butt out a cigar and turn off the screen.You sit there with nothing to do.You walk out and see marines snatching shotguns,assault rifles and other weapons.A marine tosses a Colt .45 to you and you look confused.

"Sir we have recived a distress signal from Phobos,Code 7."
"Really?" you reply bewildered.
"Yes the briefing starts in 25 minutes" the marine says coldly.

The briefing was accualy interesting.Apparently the gates were activated and monsters poured through and slaughted everyone.You sit on the edge of your seat along with the rest of the squad.

The touch down was not something anyone wanted.But marine first pussy on leave.The commander stops you and says "Marine your staying here.We need a last resort".You nod gravly.

The radio was full of talking when it happened,the first XT sighting.
MARINE A:"Sir XT about 20 meters in front of me.Back turned.Its got many spikes and claws.Friend or foe?"
COMMANDER:"Well son if they killed everyone here you think they are friendly?What are you fucking stupid?".
Gunfire fills the radio followed by an inhuman growl.A sound goes through the radio followed the marines death scream.
Things just got heavy...and all you have is a goddamn Colt .45 pistol...

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Pretty good, pretty good....NOW DO THE REST OF THE EPISODE, PRETTY PLEASE?!?!?!

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