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Zombie Base: 5 map DOOM2 WAD

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My first attempt at making a decent WAD. Pretty basic, five levels total, playable in about 30-45 minutes by my reckoning. Difficulty levels are implemented but I haven't really tested outside of Hurt Me Plenty. I suspect this is on the easier side, I don't really consider myself a veteran DOOM player.


Thanks for checking it out! Let me know what you think.


Update 8/11/22: New version with some fixes and adjustments based on thread feedback. I've also tested some with RZDoom.


Format: Vanilla DOOM2

Tested with: GZDoom (version g4.8.2)

MAP01 - MAP05


Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NRmf1Be1tsxjcVlXmORmQa_JJ561W5lb/view?usp=share_link




Edited by Lex1nat0r : Update file

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Played up through The Tunnels so far, pistol starting in UV, using RZDoom. Tons of zombies as promised haha. Some missing/bleeding textures (see screenshots) but you mentioned testing in GZDoom and they really weren't that distracting. Maps are maybe a little too big and a little empty but not bad at all for a first effort. Not too difficult so far but I am no Doom god so others may find it a tad too easy for UV. A lot of the difficulty for me was the hit scanner zombies plinking me from a mile away. The curved staircase going down over the slime with the cacos rising out was a stand-out moment for me so far- I wouldn't mind seeing way MORE enemies in situations like this! Flood me with twice as many cacos, let me use that plasma rifle!


Not bad at all for a first effort- keep it up! I don't always play through every wad I try, but I will go back and finish this one later tonight. I'm excited to see what you work on next.




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So, I just finished and I have to say I enjoyed.


It certainly brings THAT 90's vibe, it felt very nostalgic to me. Combat is simple but it's actually engaging. Visuals could be improved for sure, but the maps are surprisingly long and complex in a way. Progression could be more obvious, sometimes I didn't know what to do (mostly MAP05). Last fight... I saw that one coming! I like how you slowly introduce the weapons, I do that too with my maps.


If you made use of custom textures and worked hard on detailing, this could very well be a super solid Doom 1 wad. Although I like the occasional mancubi and arachnotrons.

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Great work!

Classic key hunting doom never gets old. Cool switch puzzle in map 3 (I think) with the bridge into the courtyard.

Played on UV and there was definitely too much ammo and maybe a little short on armour in the first 2 levels, but good weapon and enemy progression.

I don't mind too much about texture mis-alignments, but if you do want to fix them quickly in the editor, highlight a correctly aligned texture, that's adjacent to the mis-aligned ones and hit shift+A.

Appreciate the demon head in the last room, very handsome.



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I just finished- I really enjoyed maps four and five and was hoping for more! I think the wad is maybe a tad too easy and like @watto3699 mentioned maybe too much ammo? Regardless, I enjoyed this play through. Definitely keep at it because I think this is dang good for a first effort.

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Thanks all for the encouraging feedback! I'll have to carve out some time today to fix up textures and maybe tweak some item placements.


11 hours ago, Astro X said:

the maps are surprisingly long and complex in a way. Progression could be more obvious, sometimes I didn't know what to do (mostly MAP05).

My biggest fear while making the maps was that they would be too short, guess I over-corrected there.


12 hours ago, nickxcom said:

Maps are maybe a little too big and a little empty [...] The curved staircase going down over the slime with the cacos rising out was a stand-out moment for me so far- I wouldn't mind seeing way MORE enemies in situations like this!

Okay, so gotta work on enemy placement/map pacing and making more setpiece encounters.


10 hours ago, watto3699 said:

Appreciate the demon head in the last room, very handsome.

Glad you caught that!


As for next projects, now that I've finally started playing Hexen I find myself really wanting to play around with making levels for that.

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That was pretty fun experience. I like that maps didn't go full slaughter fest and there was some kind of exploration aspect on some of the maps!

I've recorded my playthroughs of this project and sorry that I used un-vanilla weapons with it.

Here is these videos along with some thoughts:


MAP01 - "The Yard"



I am really like the entire vibe of infiltration to the enemy territory.

Buildings and security towers was nice (especially sick ward).

Also, there was strange texture that I've noticed (near 04:02).

And I like how you kinda introduced new enemies at the end of the level.

By the way, I think that you can add some "teleporting" enemies to the main area after picking up blue/yellow keys.


MAP02 - "Barracks"



This is nice base/complex map with some kind of interconnected corridors (that is nice touch).

I like server room and big briefing hall along with living quarters (but they can be a bit more detailed).

And there was introduction of new enemies too!


MAP03 - "Heavy Weapons Division"



By the name of that map I thought about heavy weapon guys and I was not disappointed.

The open are that is surrounded by base reminded me a shooting range with HMGs of .50 from "Project I.G.I." game. There was also might be not just sprites of impaled humans, but entire `SP_DUDE` gang as well.

Complex itself is good enough to keep me entertaining.

Also... I found a really bizarre spot where it is possible to run "out of bounds" (I remember same spot in the sterilized "Ashes"). It is on 09:40.

Exit are was funny with those bullies in the walls! But I think that there might be a little more details in that area.


MAP04 - "The Tunnels"



This is very complex, but entertaining map.

Layout might be scary at first, but I like the idea of step by step exploring with lowering pillars full of goodies.

May be there might be some low-tier enemies (like imps) in the main pit, so pillars can be not so easy to steal from. Or there might be some snipers? After all, exploration was good, I think.


MAP05 - "Special Projects Group"



This was my final destination in this really big complex that is full of zombies.

Colorful construction scared me a bit after I saw it.

I like the idea of triple trial that must be completed in a way to open corridor to the final arena.

There was not so clear how to open it, but final thoughts came to my mind after 1/3 of the map.

Also I like that some parts of this base became Hellish abomination (areas behind red and yellow doors).

Fun thing that I thought about barons brothers where I saw first final arena.

And yes! Last one must be the thoughiest bully of all bestiary! I kick Cyberdemon's butt with all my arsenal that was obtained thru the entire adventure.


After all, I think that this is pretty nice classicish Doom experience and this is pretty well done for the first WAD.

I like that the name of WAD didn't lied and there is really plenty of zombie baddies to play with.

I hope that you do not gonna drop mapping business, so I can play more of your maps in the future.

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Okay, new version is up that should deal with the graphical and out-of-bounds issues mentioned upthread.


6 hours ago, RastaManGames said:

I hope that you do not gonna drop mapping business, so I can play more of your maps in the future.


I am having too much fun with WAD mapping to stop any time soon, don't worry about that!

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2 hours ago, Lex1nat0r said:

Okay, new version is up that should deal with the graphical and out-of-bounds issues mentioned upthread.



I am having too much fun with WAD mapping to stop any time soon, don't worry about that!

Heck yeah! I am going to give this one another play through this afternoon and maybe try to find all the secrets this time lol.


Edit: Finished a second UV run. Good job fixing the glitches! This was actually more fun a second time because I knew what was going on with levels four and five. Like @RastaManGames said, the red and yellow areas in Special Projects Group were really neat.

Edited by nickxcom

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Keep up the mapping! Since others have already given feedback, I'll just say the only one I didn't like was Map04. Too many small halls for my tastes.. I think this wad shows serious potential though. Nice work!

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Very nice not to long wad. For me the best was map 4 and 5. Played whole thing with Project Brutality, didnt have any problems. Good work.

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Gave it a try with Project Brutality since i like to suffer







I really liked the layout and combat flow but I would liked a bit more visual detail as it stand it fell a bit bland.

Edited by Delisk

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Great maps for a a first effort!

But as nickxcom said, the maps are little too big and a little empty. Perhaps something needs to be added on the first floors of the starting buildings, at least containers.

And early maps are too easy even on UV. You can add more difficult opponents, for example chaingunners on security towers (Map01) etc.

Also, there are still a few texture bugs.


For Map 01:

ZBase map1 texture bug.JPG

ZBase map1 texture bug 2.JPG

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12 hours ago, netcurse2000 said:

Also, there are still a few texture bugs.

Oh that is weird! What port are you using?


Thanks again for all the feedback, folks. I can't promise I'm going to do too much more work on enemy placement and detailing for this WAD, but I'm definitely keeping the comments in mind for future projects.

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The five maps show a definite improvement as they get farther. I've recorded videos of them all, which I'll post as they get uploaded. Don't get discouraged by criticism, the maps definitely do get better.


The last couple minutes of the video are me looking for the secret.




- Good idea to replace the music with something other than the normal MAP01 stuff. Good that the map properly has the name set.

- The texturing here is pretty basic and quite repetitive.

- Use of sectors to make the doors not open into the skies is good, but better-looking would be insetting the alcoves into the building's side instead of extruding it, like what was done for the red key door, that was good.

- Some misaligned textures and some missing transitions between textures, and transitions in doorjambs.

- The fact that you seemingly can't walk behind only one of the buildings is an okay 'tell' for a secret, but something about it bugs me a little.

- Not much in the way of detail.

- No traps, which helps make the map feel easier than it should even for an opening map.

- Pretty flat and not much use of height variation, and not much variation in lighting level either.

- Short, which makes for a nice warm-up.

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MAP 02 - Video:


MAP 02 - Feedback:

- Better texturing, some more use of height and lighting.

- The poison around the blue key was pretty pointless. It was easily avoidable and didn't restrict my movement. If there had been a trap sprung once getting the blue key which would have required movement, then the poison would have been more effective.

- Texture alignment on the side of the stairs at 3:50 needed some work, and the bottom step was level with the floor and should be the same floor texture.

- A transition texture between the startan and tekwall would have looked nicer. You did do some transition textures in other places.

- The section where a bunch of zombies form different rooms wake up at once was nice, but it could have triggered once I was farther into the room. Then again, the level is a bit short on health already.

- A transition texture or height change on the floor of the room with the red key would look nicer.

- The wall above the alcove with the red key door needed to be upper texture unpegged to fix the alignment.

- 9:26 - mismatched texture above the lowered height sector.

- 10:00 - Door marked as requiring the yellow key does not. Not that there's anything inside there anyway.

- 11:00 - Finally, a key with a trap attached! Although the arachnotron facing away kinda neuters the trap. You can leave it facing away on easy difficulty, but you could pump that up a bit on higher difficulties, such as by turning the arachnotron around on medium, and teleporting in two more to those raised computer platforms on hard, for example.

- 11:52 - A transition texture used here is good. The one used for the exit room is a little unnecessary as the floor texture is the same on both sides.

- You should put an exit sign at the exit as a courtesy to players.

- All in all, a definite improvement from MAP 01.


MAP 03 - Video:



MAP 03- Feedback:

- Windows need both lower and upper unpegged flags set to make the textures look correct.

- The start is nicely frantic when starting with a pistol, and the sounds of the enemies opening doors to chase makes the player nervous and distracted.

- Okay trap with the crusher over the large cell pack. It's just obvious enough to not be unfair.

- Another okay trap at 3:17

- Nice firing range setpiece.

- Maybe a bit too much cell ammo for so few high-tier enemies. Plasma is great against everything, and having too many cells - especially fighting low-tier enemies - can greatly reduce the map's challenge. I started spamming ammo without care.

- Maybe a few too many armors in the map. Or maybe some are too close together?

- 9:21 - Good use of the stairs and nukage and traps in the exit room to force the player to deal with threats from multiple directions at once while avoiding falling.

- Once again, an improvement over the previous map.

- Good use of a loop to take the player back to previous areas.



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MAP 04:






- This map is another solid step forward. There's a definite theme to the map, and the goal quickly becomes clear.

- Texture alignment of the sidedefs on the stairs needs fixing.

- The secret with the plasma rifle and rocket launcher and a bunch of ammo for both was too generous. Either one gun and ammo, or both guns but no ammo might be better. You could split that into two secrets. Honestly the plasma rifle feels a little unnecessary for the threat level here.


Map 05:



Map 05 - Feedback:

- A bit of a tougher battle from a pistol start, which is good, upping the difficulty since the player is farther in the mapset.

- A good setpiece at the start to focus the player on the goal, a hub to point the player in various directions.

- You don't need to put traps for every key, it's good to sometimes keep the player guessing about when a trap will come, but sometimes trapping keys wouldn't go amiss, as things the player is definitely going to need. The side walls of the trap in the rocket room don't match the other walls around, so I thought that was a secret. Since it wasn't, it should be consistent.

- Still a bit too generous with armor, especially on Ultra-Violence.

- 6:55 - One-way drops are a nice way to add tension and make the player nervous, there's no retreating for health, armor, or cleared rooms.

- Liquid sitting on the surface of steps without it falling off looks a bit odd.

- Good use of a loop to drop the player back to near where progress is.

- Opening doors to spring monsters on the player as they ascend the flesh lifts is a good idea, could probably use another closet, or monsters coming from different directions to spice things up a little. The player is pretty heavily armed at this point, and also, some of the monster won't have a good angle and can be ignored by continuing the ascent.

- After opening progress at the top of the flesh lift sequence, it might be good to open a loop back to that room, or monster closets for the way back, so it's not backtracking with no threat.

- The BFG might be good in a secret, as the level doesn't have any.

- Good setup for the final encounter. It's clearly indicating a boss.

- A decent setup to delay a fast exit without killing the boss by requiring multiple switch flips.

- There was even some exit text and a cast call, nice touch.

- All in all, this wad is a prime example of how mapping experience leads to better levels, there's a clear improvement from MAP 01 to MAP 05.

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