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Enigma in a Mystery in a Riddle

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Doomworld forumgoer Nanami has let me know via IRC about the Doom: Enigma project. This seeks to remake Doom in a Doom 2 environment, using the new resources it has to offer. However, it's more of a community project, akin to a sort of extended speedmapping; each episode has deadlines to meet, and rules on what items may be used. Look at the page and the official forum thread for the project to get more information.

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I'd like to help out but I am already working on CC and Pir 2...

But when I finished with CC and get somemore work done on Pir 2..and if there is still a slot open I could do a map then...but I have to get to that point first.

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So like...when are we supposed to get you to check our maps, Nanami?

Or did that change along with the new format?

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