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Dehacked: Arachnotrons that shoot same plasmaballs as player? (PRBoom+)


Let me explain:


- I changed the arachnotron plasmaball sprites and sounds for a custom projectile for a new monster (SS replacement)

- Now I'd like the arachnotrons to shoot the same plasmaballs as the player, since I have no other "missiles" available (all other monsters shoot their own projectiles already)

- I'm aware of a_monsterprojectile on MBF21, but this is an old PRBoom+ project with tons of dehacked already and I wouldn't like to change compatibility just for this one projectile.


Is it possible? Thanks!!

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Monsters can't use the player's attack codepointers, and vice versa. Some ports might support this, but with standard Doom behavior it'll likely either do nothing or crash.


The closest thing to an exception is that A_FireMissile and A_CyberAttack both use rockets, but those are still two separate codepointers.

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Indeed, it doesn't shoot anything at all using A_FirePlasma. I think I remember @Doomkid talking about BFG zombies and how you could make any monster shoot any weapon, but couldn't find it anymore. 

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