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Switching dimensions

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The floor was made of wood, and the walls looked like metal. I could hear operational machinery at the other end of the gigantic hall. As I could hear the strong noise, a huge door opened before me at the other end, sending out many possessed soldiers. I couldn't stick around, so I took cover behind a massive pillar. The possessed soldiers kept advancing on me, but I had my M30 Combat shotgun ready for action, and I pumped a few shells in the nearest soldiers body. It seemed to be atleast a hundred feet between every pillar, so this was a matter of good aiming. I looked on my ammo display, and it showed that I had 40 shells left.

"That's more than I need!"

I looked up in the ceiling, and spotted a pretty big crack. With the soldiers running towards me, I could start a diversion so I could run to the other end of the hall. In a matter of seconds, I gave the crack several shells and big ammounts of debris began to fall from the ceiling. I could smile at the dumb zombies, because they started to pay their attention to what was coming directly at them, a closing death. A few were crushed by that moment, some were far way from the rocks. I started to run like hell, and had almost reached the huge door when a couple of cacodemons were suddenly teleported in front of me. I rushed to the nearest pillar, to avoid the purple fireballs they launched at me. I picked up my pistol and began to fill one of the cacodemons big mouth with bullets. It screamed in pain, but it wasn't dead yet. The other tomatoface flew above me, and was ready to bite my head off, when I quickly jumped to my right. The wounded cacodemon suddenly flew right in front of the other one, and ofcourse I shot a couple of bullets into it, killing it and advancing on the other one. I had about six shells left, but I aimed well and could take the second cacodemon out for good. To my suprise, the huge door suddenly began to close slowly. The possessed soldiers were about to advance on me, but I ran quickly inside the door and could smell death instantly.

"Ahh, the old 53-A computer terminal."

It was a long time ago, but I still remembered the time when I was a security officer for the UAC. With my experience of the terminal, I could easily find myself out of here. At the north part of the terminal, there should be a large evacuation area with several escape pods ready. Altough I could see corpses of space marines and scientists, I had to continue north. I had witnessed so much death and slaughter in front of my eyes earlier, that I just didn't care anymore. A pink demon suddenly rushed against me, but I had the time to aim my shotgun and put a few shells into it's strong and hellish body. A big ammount of pure red blood was coming out of it's huge mouth. It made alittle noise while it was lying on the floor, but I just walked to the demon and kicked it in the head for several minutes. I felt so angry inside, that I didn't care if one of those bastards were suffering. All I could think about was the importance of getting the hell out of here, and nothing else would trick my mind to avoid focusing on it. I could hear roars behind me, and I had to move faster.

"Man, I hope someone's taking care of those freaks!"

The demons just kept comin' and comin', I was badly outnumbered. I didn't even know how this began, only that the personnel on Phobos stopped sending us reports and hours later the demons began to invade our base. I know that there was someone to blaim for all of this, and it had to be someone with high rank. With alot on my mind, I kept running north, towards the evacuation area. I had only got a glimt of the large room filled with the escape pods, as several imps charged at me from my left side. I began to fire several shells into two of the brown demons' bodies, and luckily enough, one of them dropped dead. My pistol had about fifty bullets left, so I felt pretty calm about my current state. One of the two imps that were left launched a fireball at me, and I jumped to my left just in the right moment to avoid it. After dodging the attack, I put a few bullets into one of the brown dirtbags, and it fell onto the floor. The last imp charged at me once again, and I was pretty tired by now, so I had to run into the evacuation room. With just one round left, I confronted the last meatball. It swung it's right arm, but I ducked and hit it in the stomach with my left fist. The demon was in pain, but I had to finish it off. As the imp was about to launch another fireball, I fired my last round into it's throat, ripping it's head off. Just as things couldn't get any worse, I was glad to spot a number of large cardboard boxes, that said ammo on them. I fired a shell into one of the boxes, ripped apart the damaged wooden pieces, and found a beautiful chaingun. I picked it up, and started to hear more roars.

"Well, if I'm the only survivor in this terminal, I better make the best of the situation."

Our unknown employee didn't get into one of the escape pods, but started however to make his way back to the gigantic hall to take out the remaining possessed soldiers. When he had cleared the area in the hall, he knew that something was terribly wrong. He could spot red light from the huge door at his north, and he felt like he was outside. He could also feel a horrible heat and that worried him alot. He looked at his display, and the currenly location was: unknown.

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Some nice, interesting ideas there, but the descriptions of the action grows tedious, namely because it's too superficial imo - descripe things a little more detailed and you may catch your reader's attention.

Also, I found some spelling/grammar errors and since I'm currently energetic enough, I can list some of them for you:


My spellchecker wouldn't like that one - according to it and my dictionary, it should be escape pod in two words.


Sorry, but it's "in front" in two words again.

only that the personnel on Phobos stopped to report to us and hours later the demons began to invade our base

According to my grammar book, this is bad grammar - I'd write it like this:
"...the personnel on Phobos stopped sending/giving us reports..."

I like the ending of this story chapter, where the display says "unknown" about the location /smiles evilly.

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