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jDoom / Kickstart problem???

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This is an odd one.

I've patched my version of Ultimate Doom with jDoom.As you may or may not know ,a piece of software called Doomsday Kickstart is included with jDoom.The problem I've been having is when I try to include any additional wad.files to the Kickstart program I get a pop-up stating the following :

Run-time error '20476'
the filename buffer is too small to store the selected file name(s). (Increase MaxFileSize)

Apart from not knowing what the hell this means the main problem is that Kickstart won't utilise the wads.As I said,this is odd because until about a month ago I had no problems whatsoever.It loaded any wad within seconds.

The only thing I can think of is that during the aforementioned month I had to reboot my C:Drive and copied the jDoom/Kickstart software to a CD-R which meant all the files (that I know of) were automatically configured to Read only.I have since disabled any that were ,maybe thats completely irrelevant ,I don't know ,but I'm hoping someone would be good enough to perhaps shed some light on this problem?


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I've never had a problem like that. I have just tried loading a very large number of wads at the same time (43) and that did cause a crash, but this might have been due to some problem with using some of those wads together. It had previously loaded about 20 wads at the same time without a complaint.

Do the wads you are trying to load have long filenames? Otherwise, I can't imagine why the filename buffer might be having problems.

BTW, you could try increasing the memory available in the "Other" screen of the Kickstart menu, but I'd imagine this is separate from the filename buffer.

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