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I am new to the doomworld and I am posting here for one sole reason.

I used to play an old DooM wad on skulltag or maybe even before that,this was like 10 years ago at least.


It featured a Command Center which would allow you to build structures,it also gave you a bird's eye view of the map,an income system based on kills,the expanded rooster of monsters,an armory for items and weapons some other end game items like a nuke and a mech suit,I think there used to be classes as well.

The game mode was wave based,the maps were linear and had walls to which you would teleport and based on the wave enemies would get closer and were pretty long.

I also remember it having the "Delta-Q-Delta" Running from the evil horde soundtrack one of the maps.


I want to find this old wad to play it again or if it's still hosted somewhere to play with my friend.

This is the only info I remember of this wad but it was one of the wads that I've never seen again but I would play daily back then.

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6 hours ago, Tompig said:

I don't think it is, but it wasn't Stronghold: Edge of Chaos was it?


Stronghold didn't have structure building or mechs, so it almost certainly isn't that.

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It wasn't Stronghold,there were no NPCs, you would get credits and spend them on weapons or buildings,the base was really simple,like it was a huge rectangle,and that was it,followed by a huge ramp down through which monsters came,and the monster number,even from the beginning it was difficult to clear every thing alone,it was made for multiplayer only,like almost a hundred imps,there was a wave with the cyber barons from Realm 667,waves with gray cyberbarons some other pinkies etc.

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I forgot to add,but a game resembling this play style would be Nuclear Dawn,from Steam,you would go in the Command Center and "Use" a console inside

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