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Wormwood Series demos [-complevel 9]

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DSDA links:


Wormwood: Expanded Universe

Wormwood ]|[ - The Horror

Wormwood IV - The Final Chapter




MAP01 UV-Speed in 1:59.37



MAP01 UV-Max in 2:48.74



Really surprised that there are no runs on the board for Wormwood or the EU... figured I'd fill a little bit.

Both of these are definitely improvable. I also want to do this Pacifist, but getting the Cyberdemons to die was making me want to pull my hair out. I'd get one killed and then run out of monster fodder and the remaining one would be 1-2 ssg blasts from death. I'll work on it later.

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more Wormwood


MAP01 UV-Pacifist in 1:30.46



You can definitely do this way faster (like 25 seconds total). I discovered that you can skip the linedef that locks you into the arena when I was doing attempts, but I couldn't be bothered to find a reliable setup for it, plus I wanted to do it without skipping the linedef, just for the challenge. I might fill the whole table for this map, I like it a lot. Remains to be seen if I feel like tackling MAP02.

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@Maribo posted UVMax demos for wormwood EU maps 1-3.  Here are my demos for the remaining maps, meaning 4,31,32,33:


map 4: wormwood_EU4uvmax2950.zip [ beautiful exploration map, see video below ]

map 31: wormwood_EU31uvmax316.zip [ great platforming/puzzle map, demo mediocre ]

map 32: wormwood_EU32uvmax547.zip [ great mini-slaughter map ]

map 33: wormwood_EU33uvmax444.zip [ fun chaotic tyson map, demo mediocre ]


I think map 4 is beautiful, mysterious, and fun; it reminds me of sd20x7 map 2, and I'd like to popularize it with a video.  I hope it's fun to watch;  I get all but one of the unmarked secrets (feels bad) and promote lots of infighting.  The strategy I use at the end is extremely satisfying, I haven't seen anyone else use it.  My demo is very slow, but if you watch it on youtube, I give timestamps in the description to skip around.


This is my first youtube doom video so please tell me if something is weird.


youtube video of map 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXJkoGiC-jM

[ post edited to replace inline video with video link ]


Edited by siege cunt : replace embedded video with video url text

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1 hour ago, Grain of Salt said:

idk how you're skipping the line that traps you on the roof, but also I can't remember where it is :D

There are 3 (iirc) parallel lines where the rocket launcher is, each doing different thing, each can be skipped (but not simultaneousy), and I often skip the wrong ones. But skipping the central one allows you to avoid the trap :)

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Wormwood 1 Map 1 Pacifist in 17.66


Wormwood 4: Map 1 Pacifist in 17s




Wormwood 4: Map 1 Nightmare in 12s




Wormwood 4: Map 2 Pacifist in 10s







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