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Hexen-esque warrior (in progress)

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This is the knigtht I was talking about :)
I did a very thin contours as guides and then scanned the drawing and colored it on Photoshop using the techniques I described in another thread. And I haven't played Hexen!! I was inspired by some Rhapsody songs like the Knightrider of Doom (heh) and the march of the Swordmaster.

attention: the image is very BIG!


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The scan (I assume it's a scan) seems to be clipped at the feet. But I love it. I find it to be both nutritious and delicious for my palate that craves good fan art! :D

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Cool pic, really cool pic.
He looks very menacing and wonderfully mean. Great job there.

If you ask me, your claim that the Cleric in my HeXen drawing looks like your Knight is exaggerated imo - the helmet is vastly different and so is the armour.

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