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Monster Triggers

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If you want only one action to occur upon a certain monster's death you just simply set his thing special. Double click the thing in wauth and a menu will pop up (I'm sure you know this already). Under the thing type there's a little pull down menu with a bunch of specials listed. Select Door_Open and fill in the fields accordinly (I believe it's (tag, speed, lock) for Door_Open).

If you want to have multiple actions occur when the monster dies (ie, a door opens, some health spawns and the player gets flung 128 units, all at the same time), then instead of Door_Open, use ACS_Execute which will execute a script you specify when the monster dies (the fields for ACS_Execute are (script, map, arg0, arg1, arg2), most likely you won't need any aside from the first though, map0 would be the current map).

Hope that helps.

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If you want a door to open when you kill one monster, attach this special to the monster in the thing properties box:

Door_Open (tag, speed)

If you want a door to open when you kill a group of monsters, give them all a tag and set up this script:

script 1 (void)

print (s:"kill everything to open the door");
while (thingcount (0, tag))
Door_Open (tag, speed);

Make sure you activate the script when you enter the room. (you don't need the print message, I just put it there for effect)

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thedemonsarecoming said:

Do I set the sector linedefs to normal, since I dont want the player to be able to open it without killing the monsters?


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